Professional Certificate Course in Ultrasound for Primary Care


Course Code: PCC – USPC 805




Quality medical care in low-resource settings is often hampered by lack of objective clinical information. Ultrasound is a useful technology in such settings, providing vital data to support patient care decision-making. What’s more, technical advances are making ultrasound equipment ever more transportable, affordable, and accessible.


africa-ultrasoundThe INMED Professional Certificate Course in Ultrasound for Primary Care is a hybrid experience that combines online preparation with a one-day in-classroom event for hands-on skills in thyroid, venous and DVT screening, vascular and carotid, abdominal and renal, cardiac, thoracic, joint and venous access imaging. Obstetric ultrasound imaging is not currently included. Each participant will be supervised in ultrasound techniques, equipment control, normal scan planes, and scan interpretation. Practical issues in obtaining and maintaining ultrasound equipment will also be addressed. Academic credit earned is 1 credit hour. Sample the INMED learning experience with this 15-minute Free Demo Online Course.




Course Faculty


David Culpepper, MD, FACP

John Gibson, MD, DIMPH