INMED Academic


INMED is honored to associate with like-hearted individuals from who share our concern for the welfare of humanity.

Academic Endorsements

Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM
Professor, Senior Fellow & Scientist
Harvard University Humanitarian Initiative

A Five Star Program!
“INMED is one of 12 academic affiliated training centers for humanitarian health in North America, and the only one west of the Mississippi. I had the honor to review INMED’s program of instruction first hand. It is an outstanding program and the only one that mixes on-line instruction with face-to-face group exercises and case studies. INMED’s program has many strengths but the greatest is the maturity, integrity, compassion and strong field experience of the INMED teaching and administrative staff. They are excellent role models! As demand rises for humanitarian action, both domestically and globally, INMED will be highly sought after. This is a Five Star Program!”

Kent A. Campbell, DO
Associate Dean – Clinical Affairs
Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

INMED is a Complete Package
“Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) has utilized INMED for a number of years. They are a pleasure to work with, detail oriented, consistent, screen all international health care training sites and associated preceptors, have established expectations for all participants, and are always available to help answer any questions. INMED is a complete package for international medicine education. We are very comfortable working with INMED as well as supporting student participation with this organization. We use INMED as our exclusive provider of Global Experiences as a result.”

Bruce Steffes, MD
CEO, Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons
Co-author of Handbook for Short-Term Medical Missionaries

INMED Strongly Recommended 
“With the need for medical professionals in the developing world so huge, there is great urgency that organizations raise awareness, recruit, train, and provide resources for those who are willing to volunteer their skills. INMED does all this as well as any with which I am familiar. I strongly recommend the INMED and its programs, and I’ve enjoyed working with their graduates and speaking at INMED events. The world is better off because of them.”

Daniel Hinthorn, MD
Chief of Infectious Diseases
Kansas University Medical Center
Board of Scientific Counselors, CDC Office for Infectious Diseases

Proud To Be Associated With INMED
“The Kansas University Medical Center and myself are proud to be associated with such fine programs as are offered by INMED. The CME accredited INMED Conferences are high quality and designed for medical students, nurses, physicians, residents – the whole gamut. The speakers are outstanding. Anyone who wants to do short, intermediate or long-term overseas work for any reason would profit from attending and from the associations with other attendees. I have also participated in INMED’s Professional Certificates in International Medicine, Nursing & Public Health Courses and found them to be great.”

Anne Sly, MD
Associate Program Director
Research Family Medicine Residency
Formerly of Cornell University’s Thailand medical relief project

Cultivating A Foundation In Health Leadership
“INMED learning tools provide a comprehensive introduction for any health professional who is entering international service. Their emphasis on the socioeconomic and political influences on world health provides an important insight into the challenges involved. Their review of diseases of poverty is essential, given that these are frequently outside of our experience. Their curriculum on cross-cultural skills is a sensitive and realistic approach to the challenges of cultural adaptation. Most importantly, INMED cultivates a foundation in health leadership so very necessary to implementing effective improvements for people who exist on the fringes of health care.”

Regina Fields, RN, MSN, CNS
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Research College of Nursing

Assisting Nursing Faculty In Global Health Education
“INMED supplies outstanding resources for all students in the healthcare professions, as well as for seasoned providers who desire to serve in medical missions. These resources will also assist nursing faculty to more easily and completely integrate global health content into their curriculum. INMED even offers supervised field experience for nursing students and for nurses entering the international health arena. From my own experience in nursing education and international service, INMED’s courses and international clinical opportunities are unsurpassed.”

Nancy Crigger, PhD, APRN, BC
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
Graceland University

Curriculum Building, Service Learning And INMED
“The INMED educational programs offered year round are wonderful paths to personal and professional growth for both the novice as well as the experienced practitioner interested in global healthcare. The INMED Conferences are offered at a safe and convenient location at a very affordable price. I have been so impressed with INMED work that I use Dr. Comninellis’ book as our primary text for the Global Health and Healthcare Practice course I teach at William Jewell College, and require students to attend the INMED Conference to fulfill the course requirements. Thank you INMED for your commitment to excellence in global health education.”

Mani M Mani, MD
Emeritus Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Kansas Medical Center

INMED Trained Healthcare Professionals Can Effectively Respond 
“INMED is rightly well known for their Conferences and for their Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, International Nursing, and International Public Health. These are extremely useful programs to designed prepare students and professionals from the various healthcare disciplines for unique challenges of caring for those most underprivileged using locally available talent, equipment, and facilities. To this end, INMED enjoys relationships with remarkable healthcare institutions around the globe. INMED demonstrates respect for other traditions, cultures, and faiths throughout its proactive programs. When the need arises and the call comes, INMED trained healthcare professionals can effectively respond.”

jonas-harryHarry Jonas, MD
Assistant Vice President, American Medical Association
Former Dean, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

INMED’s Distinguished Accomplishments 
“I am so proud of INMED’s distinguished accomplishments, both from the standpoint of improving global health, and also for your significant contributions in international health education via the courses, events and clinical rotations offered by the Institute for International Medicine. I am particularly touched to have been one of those who encouraged Dr. Comninellis to pursue training in tropical medicine when he was a medical student. Those formative experiences have proven so very powerful in his personal life, and are now being multiplied through the lives and examples of many, many others.”

li-james-kenyaJames Li, MD
Director, Remote Medical Service Field Course, Harvard School of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine

Unequalled Mentored Clinical Experiences Overseas 
“If you want to serve the disadvantaged in a developing country, nothing substitutes for a community hospital setting. The skill set and humility required are far different from the American norm. Because of this, the importance of excellent teachers cannot be overstated. INMED has meticulously chosen sites that provide outstanding experiences, not just based on my own assessment, but on the direct feedback of students. INMED is hands-on, robust, and intense in the realities of global health and poverty. For a clinical rotation abroad, this is the organization that does it best.”

Civic Endorsements

Jeff Colyer, MD, MPH
Lieutenant Governor of Kansas
White House Fellow, United States Agency for International Development
Physician & Consultant, Int'l Medical Corps

Found INMED To Be Consistent, Dedicated And Trustworthy
“The urgency of healthcare among the poorest of the poor close is to my heart. Such service requires a unique skill set, as I experienced for myself while serving in Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Armenia. INMED is a proven leader in training healthcare professionals to make the most of their good intentions. Such preparation would have helped me avoid learning many important lessons that hard way. INMED is also pioneering avenues to assist communities in becoming self-sufficient and to maximize use of limited resources. I have found INMED to be consistent, dedicated and trustworthy in these pursuits.”

Jay Grimwood
Executive Pastor
Graceway Church

Partner With The Best
“After attending and helping to sponsor the annual INMED conference, Graceway chose to partner with INMED in this strategic bridge-building outreach. Their professional and practical experience is obvious both in the quality of their conferences and their mobilization on the field. I would encourage all to partner with the best and support INMED as they help serve needs worldwide. We at Graceway look forward to growing our partnership. The outcome of working together with INMED will be communities experiencing compassion and assist in sustainable progress. But it all starts with choosing to partner with the best.”

Rick Donlon, MD
Co-founder, Christ Community Health Services

Casting A Vision For Continued Selfless Service
“INMED is a leading partner in calling health care workers to use our time and talents for the most noble purposes. By informing us of worldwide health disparities, offering cross-cultural skills training, providing meaningful clinical opportunities around the world, and casting a vision for continued selfless service INMED is mentoring the next generation of healthcare heroes. Just watch for the frequency with which this fine organization is mentioned! It is a pleasure to participate in the INMED Exploring Medical Missions Conference, and to recommend their exemplary programs to the medical students and resident physicians under my own guidance.”

Lieutenant Commander Tracy Branch
Regional Minority Health Consultant
Department of Health and Human Services

Personally Recommended INMED To My Colleagues
“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for the Institute for International Medicine. In the two years I have worked directly with INMED, and I have come to see first hand the level of commitment and dedication that the INMED staff have for ‘equipping healthcare professionals to serve the forgotten.’ INMED has created invaluable resources for communities and health providers with an interest in multi-cultural populations and international medicine. The quality of their conferences and certification and training programs are of such a high standard that I have personally recommended them to my colleagues.”

Gary Morsch, MD, MPH
President & Founder
Heart To Heart International

World-Class Organization
“I have watched INMED grow up into the world-class organization that it is today, and I really congratulate Dr. Nicholas Comninellis and his excellent staff for an outstanding ministry and outstanding programs. The most visible INMED Conferences are just a small piece of a great pie of impact they are making around the world today. With a presence of over twenty nations, INMED learners benefit from not just a wealth of opportunities, but also a wealth of high quality role models and mentors – many of whom are my personal friends and colleagues.”

Jimmy Dodd, MDiv
Founder & Executive Director, PastorServe
Founding Board Member, Cross International

At The Forefront Of International Medicine 
“I wholeheartedly endorse INMED. The urgency of healthcare is close to my heart as I serve through the ministries of Cross International and the global Orphan Project. Dr. Nicholas Comninellis and the INMED team are at the forefront of international medicine, upholding the value of human life through compassionate care to the most disadvantaged communities. The importance of training students for such service cannot be overstated. Young people, as well as those more mature, must move the love of God from our heads, to our hearts, to our hands! It is my hope and prayer that many will get behind INMED and support this worthy ministry.”

adams-mattMatt Adams
Young Life of Starnberg, Germany

Where Medical Missions Is Headed 
“INMED already strides ahead of where medical missions is headed in the next century. They act aggressively on behalf of the poor by mobilizing people to bring hope and physical healing to broken individuals, families, cities, and nations. INMED’s approach is professional yet humble, practical yet philosophically and theologically sound, holistic yet focused. Their message of hope is embodied and verified by their servanthood. Their lives and actions speak loudly, and we would all do well to observe their behavior and appreciate the values that they communicate.”

herrera-karenKaren Herrera RN, MSN
Field Ministries Area Leader
CompassionLink, Assemblies of God World Missions

Privileged Partners With INMED 
“CompassionLink, the medical outreach of the Assemblies of God World Missions, has partnered with INMED to promote education in international health, and sponsor the Humanitarian Health Conference. When an inquiry is received from a medical student or medical professional who is looking for an extended opportunity to develop skills in international medicine, it is a privilege to connect him/her with INMED. Networking together we can make a difference in international medical missions that impacts people around the world.”

wood-michaelMichael B. Wood
Peace Corps Area Director, Eastern Asia, Retired

 Emphasis On Continuity 
“I very much applaud INMED’s emphasis on continuity of healthcare. Over the years medical missions have taken some criticism for the episodic nature of their interventions, frequently leaving little impact beyond the care for the individual patient treated – however moving and necessary it was. INMED has built an excellent reputation through supporting continued care in truly needy community, bolstered by your strong interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity. I look forward to following INMED’s participation in healthcare delivery systems, public health interventions, medical education, and community development efforts, as you proceed towards creating INMED 2.0”

Lani Ackerman, MD
Founder & President, Health Environmental and Learning Program (HELP)

Drawing Us Into The Service Of Humanity
“INMED is best known for the Humanitarian Health Conferences. These are packed with enthusiastic students and healthcare professionals of all types, linked together by their desire to serve the most impoverished people in the world. But INMED’s unique and greatest contribution is in providing practical experience, training and skills essential to serving in these settings. The mentors and role models at INMED’s Training Sites are unsurpassed. The additional networking, information, and ongoing education INMED provides is truly transforming the face of medicine, bringing us back to the simple compassion and fascination that first drew us into the service of humanity.”

Master's in International Health Endorsements

Mark Wardle, D.O., FAAFP
Vice Chair-Primary Care Dept.
Assistant Professor of Primary Care Medicine
Director of Global Medicine and Medical Spanish
Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I can’t thank them enough!”

“I have been involved with caring for vulnerable populations at home and abroad since before I started medical school, and it is something I have had a passion for throughout my medical career. I discovered INMED in 2020, and have been thrilled with my interactions with them ever since. The knowledge and skills taught by INMED not only helped to fill gaps in my global health experience but have inspired me more than I can say. I have greatly enjoyed the learning and the relationships formed through INMED and look forward to continuing the relationship for a long time! INMED has helped me grow as a physician, a professor, a researcher, and as a person. I can’t thank them enough!”

Luc Victor, MD
United Nations Stabilization Mission
Democratic Republic of the Congo

“Apply Theory to Practice”

For those whose profession focuses on the less fortunate, the training and education from INMED helps give depth to an otherwise myopic perspective and encourages more substance and dimension to the work output. The information and wisdom from the interaction with other learners and professors is invaluable. At INMED, you learn how actually to apply theory to practice, and how to innovate as needed for your particular context and circumstance. Being able to find workable and durable solutions to problems one can encounter in the humanitarian field starts with a holistic and thorough learning. These are what I acquired through the INMED Master’s Degree in International Health and day by day, they prove vital to my service here in central Africa.

Nilda Lopez MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
Texas Christian University

“Helped me open a new hospital in Ghana”

“The Master’s Degree in International Health has helped me to follow through with both starting my foundation and opening a new hospital in Ghana, West Africa. I couldn’t have done it without INMED. Completing the MIH International Service-Learning component at Ghana’s Baptist Medical Center gave me clarity on what I wanted to do and how I could help people. There were so many of those who needed help and the international medical experience made me realize I couldn’t do it alone. I needed to figure out how to get access to resources and get help from other physicians so we can serve. I still have a long way to go but I am very excited about launching the new hospital.”

Joshua Blay, MD
Orthopedic Physician
Accra, Ghana

“Equipped for a good career and purpose!”

“I enrolled in INMED as a 3rd year medical student in 2018. I must say through the course modules, online – classroom sessions, life changing and impactful service learning experience, my medical journey has been reshaped and become more focused. INMED Master’s Degree in International Health is formulated in a very friendly and systematic manner to furnish students with the utmost knowledge base and skills needed to serve the less privileged, and marginalized. On completing the master’s degree program, my vision and quest towards servitude and selfless in my medical practice has been bolstered with purpose, passion and a focus! I highly recommend INMED to anyone searching for a purpose for their medical practice, anyone with a passion to serve the marginalized and less privileged. You’ll most definitely be guided! You’ll most definitely be equipped for a good career and purpose!"

Edwin Seldon Davis, D.O.
Rocky Vista University
College of Osteopathic Medicine

“INMED Takes the Cake”

“INMED observes students work to facilitate their progress with learning. This is where I feel like INMED takes the cake. No other educational organization has ever been so focused on monitoring students’ work with consistent weekly feedback. Having my work being critically appraised by my peers and educators so constantly has allowed me to focus more clearly on how to efficiently convey the purpose I am trying to get at. While this is helpful on a day-to-day basis with interpersonal relations, I think this will be monumentally helpful later on when I transition from student to educator as a clinician, teaching patients or even other allied healthcare workers. The skills I am developing now at INMED will only improve the teacher whom I will later become.”

Abiodun Akinwuntan, PhD, MPH, MBA, MIH, FASAHP, FACRM, FAMedS
Dean, KU School of Health Professions
University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City KS

“Pace, flexibility, and friendliness…”

As an international who has had the opportunity to visit, study, and practice in different countries around the world, I still learned a lot in the Master’s in International Health (MIH) Program of INMED. With the knowledge gained, I am even better prepared to significantly contribute to improving healthcare services in developing countries, and especially in those with very low financial resources. My global health experience and knowledge have certainly been broadened by my participation in the program. The pace, flexibility, and friendliness of the faculty and staff of the program are highly commendable. Despite my very tight official schedule, I was able to go through the program without much difficulty. I recommend the MIH program to anyone interested in global health and in working with underserved communities anywhere in the world.

Graduate Diploma Endorsements

Clare Kelleher, Medical Student
Ohio State University College of Medicine
Studied at Ankaase Methodist Hospital, Ghana

Quality Service Learning Experience
“I can say without hesitation that I was very satisfied with my INMED experience. I have done medical work abroad in the past with other service learning organizations that charged upwards of $3,000 in participation fees, while INMED provided the same structure, organization and guidance for a fraction of the cost. The physician I worked with in Ghana was truly interested in teaching and made sure I had not only an active role in the hospital by participating in direct patient care, but also allowed me to experience the culture by inviting me for some of his family’s home cooked Ghanaian meals and encouraging me to go on trips to nearby villages with his Ghanaian co-workers. I have already recommended INMED to my fellow classmates.”

Mark Marshall, Osteopathic Student
Des Moines University
Studied at Banso Baptist Hospital, Cameroon

Couldn’t Have Been Any Better
“I was trying to set up an international medicine rotation for over one year. I e-mailed hundreds of individuals and organizations, and each time lost contact or the plan fell through. I got to the point where I thought it just wasn’t going to happen when I came across INMED. Since the very beginning of my interaction with INMED, I have been quite impressed with the hard work and organization of everyone involved on my behalf. Without INMED, I can’t imagine that my international medicine experience could ever have been any better.”

Christine Vandillen, Medical Student
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Studied at Baptist Medical Center, Ghana

Work In Ghana Changed My Life
“Working in Ghana changed my life for good. My mentors were two Christian physicians who treated their African patients the best they could, even if that meant being on call every night and not eating for an entire day. Amazing! Most people just ignore those on the other side of the world dying of diseases that could be easily treated, yet these physicians chose to serve year after year. Their example helped strengthen my own faith in God. I would now like to work in developing nations into my future to help those who are so much less fortunate than I.”

hamulczyk-leopoldLeopold Hamulczyk, PharmD
INMED International Pharmacy Diploma Graduate
Studied at Baptist Medical Center, Ghana

Lots Of Respect For These People
“INMED provided me with invaluable knowledge on the health problems in developing countries, their treatment, community development, and public health. It has also provided me with insight into cultural issues involved in international health. My excellent learning experience in the INMED Graduate Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health gave me the core cognitive knowledge. My supervised learning in Ghana added to that the opportunity to serve in and experience working in a developing nation with limited financial and material resources. Above all, INMED has inspired me to do what I can to help the less fortunate. I have developed a lot of respect for those people.”

Ryna Hansen, BSN
Practicing Nurse
Studied at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

Respect For Every Person In The World
“I respect the approach of INMED regarding faith and how it impacts their heart to work in underserved and international settings. I also deeply respect how INMED views humanity, individuals, and other cultures. They communicate respect and acknowledge that every person deserves to live with dignity. INMED teaches us to be humble, not going in to a foreign community thinking our knowledge is superior as is so common in the American mind, but to enter realizing it is a privilege to be invited there by community partners with whom we cooperate for the benefit of every resident.”

pennington-amyAmy Pennington, Pharmacy Student
Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy
Studied at Baptist Medical Center, Ghana

Very Well Equipped Me For The Future
“My entire rotation was very positive, very well organized, and very well equipped me for volunteer medical experiences in the future. The faculty at Baptist Medical Center was willing to train me in any relevant healthcare skill I desired, as well as providing critical information about how to lead health projects in that type of environment. INMED’s staff was also incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, being extremely professional and prompt. No room for improvement! I have already passed INMED’s information along to several younger students who are interested in an international rotation.”

Internist, Chicago Illinois
Studied at CEML Hospital, Angola

Superb Teaching In An Organized Environment
“My training in Angola was so very different than any medical mission I’ve ever experienced. Before, I was the leader, though really knew almost nothing about the nation, nor the health needs of the community. But in Angola, under the guidance of Dr. Steve Foster, I was truly learning. His teaching was superb and the medical care was well established. In this organized environment, I rapidly caught on to the particular needs and nuances of Angola. I was also able to teach some of my own skills to the staff, and to truly save some lives. I made the right choice to go with INMED!”

coonce-marcyMarcy Coonce, Physical Therapy Student
Ohio State University Division of Physical Therapy
Studied at Vellore Christian Medical College & Hospital, India

No Hesitation To Recommend INMED
“I had a very positive experience with INMED. I wanted to complete my last physical therapy practicum by doing medical missions, but my university did not have many resources. INMED was the organization I needed. The staff was very organized, and I especially appreciated this because I was traveling by myself. My experience in India was amazing! The staff was very willing to teach me about physical therapy interventions. They also were kind and we enjoyed conversations about our cultures, families, religions, and education. I grew immensely from this experience and I would not hesitate to recommend INMED to anyone.”

Jennifer Davis, Medical Student
Ohio State University College of Medicine
Studied at Macha Mission Hospital, Zambia

Could Have Never Done By Myself
“INMED provided what I could have never done myself. I was told about the organization by some classmates that had found their global health trainings sites through INMED, and I feel that God used the program to answer my prayers. I was able to confidently make an informed decision about where to go, and I am nothing but pleased with the assistance, guidance, and information INMED offered. Micah Flint at INMED was very understanding and always patient and available when I needed him. I was nervous about some of the logistics of my trip, and he did everything I asked to make things easier.”

raymer-kevinKevin Raymer, MD, Resident Physician
Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellow
Studied at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea

Solidified My Desire To Do Full-Time Missions
“My experience at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea was outstanding. It was definitely a time that I will never forget and will always cherish. I saw many patients and felt like I was able to contribute. The INMED Graduate Diploma in International Medicine and Public Health Program had an overwhelming impact on my personal life and my academic endeavors. The INMED resource materials are well organized and useful. The infectious disease component was a good overview of the more common tropical diseases. My experience solidified my desire to do full-time missions in the future.”

Graduate Certificate Endorsements


Joel Massey, MD, DIMPH
United States Air Force Active Duty
Anderson Air Force Base, Guam

Opens Your Eyes To The Breadth Of Opportunities 
“The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health opens your eyes to the breadth of opportunities to serve marginalized people in culturally and economically appropriate ways. I enjoyed learning alongside course participants from the fields of pharmacy, nursing, and public health as we addressed the problems of creating sustainable health care and making ourselves available to the poor. I was challenged to think outside the clinical setting and to consider the social causes of poverty and ill health. I networked with service-minded movers and shakers in a way that may change the course of my career and my personal life!”

Jennifer Wilson, BSc MD CCFP(EM)
Uxbridge, Ontario
GRID-NEA Ghana volunteer

Serving With Excellence
“As a Canadian family and emergency room physician working in Ghana on a yearly basis, I have a strong desire to improve my knowledge and my skills in international medicine. However, due to the demands my clinical work and raising a young family, most training opportunities in global health are not feasible. The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health was an absolutely perfect fit for me. The online segments provided the flexibility I desired, and how refreshing were my like-minded classmates at the in-class segment. This course is extremely well organized and the INMED team was proactive in encouraging us along every step of the way.”

Scarlett Gard, Medical Student
Kansas City University of Health Sciences

Encouraged Me To Persevere Towards A Career In International Medicine
“This course provided excellent preparation for my later service at Vellore Christian Medical College & Hospital in India. Many of the diseases I encountered there had not yet been covered in my medical education, but the knowledge and skills I gained at the Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health prepared me well. I was also encouraged to persevere in my path towards a career in international medicine by the many inspiring people I met during the course. I highly recommend that other healthcare students aiming to deliver compassionate care to diverse people integrate this course into their training.”

Raza Hasan
Medical Student
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

An Amazing Experience For A Medical Student
“Participating in the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health as a medical student has been an amazing experience, reinforcing what was taught in school and bring it into the perspective of international medicine. The diseases and situations encountered in developing nations were illuminated by veteran lecturers – by people who have all lived and given their lives to the underprivileged of the world. The well-organized information, coupled with the hands-on experience fully gave me a grasp on what to expect when serving neglected communities. The INMED Course has already opened doors of opportunities to fulfill my yearning to practice international medicine.”

Jeff Walden, MD, DIMPH
Family Medicine Resident
Cone Health Family Medicine Residency Program

I Would Recommend This Course To Anyone
“The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health challenged me to view disease management in a new perspective. The online portion of the course helped me delve deeper into not just the pathology of disease but also in the factors which make certain populations more vulnerable to diseases of poverty. The in-classroom, hands-on section allowed me to broaden my skills, meet amazing new people who are also very dedicated to alleviate suffering. This course provided me with not just a broader knowledge base but also the motivation to continue working with disadvantaged populations. I would recommend this course to anyone!”

frocker-susanSusan Frocker, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy, Ross Memorial Hospital
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Exceeded My Expectations 
“As a pharmacist who regularly goes on medical missions to Ghana, I enrolled in the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health to enhance my knowledge about diseases of poverty. This course exceeded my expectations: not only have I learned how to improve our treatment protocols, my understanding of primary healthcare and health systems has grown and I am inspired to do even more to help. I am excited about teaching the “Helping Babies Breath” program that I learned during the in-class session. I highly recommend this program to any pharmacist who has an interest in international medicine and global health.”

Winston M. Manimtim, MD
Department of Neonatology
Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics

I Was Very Impressed 
“As a practicing neonatologist with special interest in global health, I was very impressed with the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health. In addition to providing a review of the basic knowledge on tropical and infectious diseases affecting the world, it included topics on culture adaptation, ethical issues as well as community leadership and health promotion through community development. It was very comprehensive and the speakers were experts in their own fields. I would recommend this course to any health care professional who faces the challenges of bringing health care to the very sick, the disadvantaged and the impoverished people of the world.”

manzoni-diegoDiego Manzoni, MD
Founder, Health-Aid
Costa di Mezzate, Italy

Helped Me Improve My Health Project In Ghana 
“Earning the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health was extremely enriching for me, not only because of the clinical topics but also for wonderful people whose interest and experience resonate with my own. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with all the information, but the teachers were excellent at giving us the basic concepts and practical application. I especially appreciated the cultural topics, for it is difficult to get this knowledge from books. Throughout the course, I identified improvements to make in our health promotion project in Ghana. I recommend the INMED International Medicine Intensive Course to all people interested in medical missions and serving others.”

David Brumwell, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician
Napler, New Zealand

Excellent In All Aspects
“The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health was excellent in all aspects: The books provided for reference parallel and a quick refresher when I have come up with questions since the course ended. The online section with accompanying articles and the email exchanges with my fellow students provided huge enrichment. The in-classroom sessions rounded out the wonderful experience. I am not sure what was the best feature: excellent faculty, great students, thought provoking discussions, close camaraderie, hands-on skills and exercises, great stories…It was critical for me enjoy the course, to work hard for it, and to fulfill my dream.”

wambugu-johnJohn Wambugu
Registered Clinical Officer
Kenya Ministry of Health

INMED Inspired Me To Serve My Own People In Kenya 
“How I thank God for entire INMED team. The Graduate Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health has revived my medical thinking and again inspired me to serve my own people in Kenya. I learned so much about culture and epidemiology; different ways of building trust with people and being integrated into their community. The medical part was also well presented by all the professors. There was no better way than this course for me to get practical training in a short time. Clinical officers like myself will benefit from this course. INMED has become part of my story and the story of many whom I look forward to serving.”

Service-Learning Endorsements

Steve Foster, MD
Medical Director, CEML Hospital
Angola, Africa


I Heartily Commend All INMED Stands For
“INMED is endeavoring to bring the plight of the world’s forgotten billions to the attention of healthcare professionals. In the process of casting this vision and enthusiasm for service, INMED is also ensuring that the skills necessary to make a difference are acquired and that the attitudes of the heart are examined so that outcomes are of lasting value – both on the part of those who serve and on those who receive. I heartily commend all INMED stands for. I also am honored since 2004 to mentor INMED students in the challenging, frontlines context of Angola, Africa.”

George Faile, MD
Medical Director
Baptist Medical Center, Northern Region, Ghana

Thanks To INMED For Their Vision And Expertise
“Since 2004 we have enjoyed having students and resident physicians from INMED come and work with us at Baptist Medical Center. We have never been disappointed in the performance or attitudes of those who have come our way. It is encouraging to see the quality of these young people and their interest in international medicine. Thanks to INMED for their vision and expertise – for helping to prepare future generations of international medical volunteers. BMC and INMED will continue to work together to provide opportunities for medical and cultural growth in young medical personnel.”

Dennis Palmer, DO, FACP
Program Director, Christian Internal Medicine Specialization Residency
Banso Baptist Hospital, Cameroon
Co-author, Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries

Greatly Value Our Association With INMED
“We greatly value our association with INMED. Since 2006 we have been receiving INMED medical students and volunteers to study and work with us in Cameroon. INMED is efficient and conscientious in their communication and follow with of their volunteers. The training courses, conferences and books offered through INMED are excellent preparation for service in developing countries. We are also pleased to partner with INMED to develop the INMED International Medicine Fellow.”

John Zhang, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT), China

Leading Educational Organization In International Medicine
“INMED’s focus of international medicine not only reflects the growing trend of globalization in the medical field, but also create many opportunities for medical professionals to reach out and care the people around the world. Witnessing INMED’s fast development and strong leadership, we are very convinced that INMED is on its way to become the leading educational organization in international medicine.”

Cameron R. Gongwer, MD, DTMH
Medical Consultant
Ankaase Methodist Hospital, Ghana

Commitment To Teaching Global Health And Cross-Cultural Ministry
“The Institute for International Medicine has demonstrated excellence as an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the development of medical missions around the world. I have been impressed with INMED’s commitment to teaching global health and cross-cultural ministry, reflected in the quality of conferences sponsored and the medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals who they send to all corners of the world. By combining learning with service, participants gain not only tools to effectively address the health challenges of resource-poor settings but a unique perspective of communities living in poverty. I would highly recommend INMED for anyone interested in exploring such opportunities.”

besley-charlieDr Charlie Besley, BM, MRCGP (UK)
Medical Director, Kijabe Hospital
Africa Inland Church, Kenya

I Admire INMED’s Efforts To Serve Unreached Groups of People
"I am delighted to write a letter in support of the great work that INMED is doing. Here at AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, we have enjoyed the contributions of many INMED students. Equipping healthcare professionals to serve the forgotten is a great mission, and I admire INMED’s efforts serve unreached groups of people in our ‘global village.’ A venture out of one’s comfort zone can be shocking, and we greatly appreciate the way INMED prepares their students and assists those stepping out, not just ‘medically’ but ‘personally’ too! May God continue to richly bless your work, as we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”


Scott Nelson, MD
Medical Director, CURE International of the Dominican Republic
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Revolutionizing The Priorities of Young Healthcare Professionals
“CURE International is privileged to partner with INMED to provide meaningful training, service opportunities, and life changing experiences for top quality healthcare students who are interested in international medical service. INMED’s commitment to excellence speaks for itself and has enabled an ongoing synergistic relationship between CURE International, the students who participate in this program, and the extraordinarily needy people whom we serve. The inspiration created by our partnership will multiply immeasurably for years into the future, and result in careers dedicated to the poor, and in children walking and playing who would never have before.”

Scott Armistead, MD
TEAM – The Evangelical Alliance Mission
Bach Christian Hospital, Pakistan

INMED Expanding The Horizons Of Medical Trainees
“I am excited about INMED’s role in expanding the horizons of medical trainees in the US by making them more aware of the multitude of needs around the world. Many lives are touched by mission health-care facilities in developing countries, and INMED’s goal of giving interested students and residents an opportunity to both see and serve in these facilities is a much needed and noble one, a goal which I pray will change the course of many lives.”

Oscar Paulo, MD
CEML Hospital
Angola, Africa

Embody The Best Practices Of Humanitarian Service
“I have so much to say about INMED, not only from the first INMED Conference I attended, but also from knowing INMED’s ongoing service to my home country of Angola, to China, and around the globe. Rather than parking in the so-called comfort zone of western civilization, INMED personnel come to us, encourage and empower us, and embody the best practices of the modern missions and humanitarian service movements. Such greatness can’t be from any other source than from God Himself. Please keep working on behalf of the sick, the illiterate, those who are alone, and feel without hope.”

Short Self-Paced Course Endorsements

Warren Cooper, MD
General Surgeon
Samaritan’s Purse

Recommended To Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program
"I worked through the INMED Short Self-Paced Courses myself. They are very good, and a great way to cover information that is relevant to anyone serving in the developing world. In this light, I have recommended these courses become part of the Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program curriculum. Another forum that would be appropriate is the yearly CMDA conference that takes place alternating between Thailand and Greece. Participants could not only heighten their vital skill about also obtain the necessary CME credit. I certainly commend INMED for the hard work that has gone into these educational resources."

Regina Fields, RN, MSN, CNS
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Research College of Nursing, Kansas City, Missouri

These Innovative Courses Are An Outstanding Resource
“These innovative courses are an outstanding resource for all students in the healthcare professions, as well as for seasoned providers who desire to serve in medical missions or impoverished communities. INMED has taken volumes of information and produced concise and readily understandable Courses. Importantly, these Courses will assist nursing faculty to integrate global health content into their curriculum. The Courses may also be used as self-study guides for both nursing students and nursing professionals who are preparing to serve in developing countries. From my own experience in teaching and medical mission service, these are welcome, valuable resources.”

Anne Sly, MD
Associate Program Director
Research Family Medicine Residency
Formerly of Cornell University’s Thailand medical relief project

Comprehensive Introduction For Those Entering International Service
“INMED’s Short Self-Paced Courses provide a comprehensive introduction for any healthcare professional who is entering international service. They illuminate the socioeconomic and political influences on world health and provide an important insight into the challenges involved in making progress. The Courses include an overview of “diseases of poverty” that are frequently outside of our experience. The Course on cross-cultural skills is a sensitive and realistic approach to the challenges of cultural adaptation. Importantly, the Course on health leadership offers a foundation necessary to implement effective improvements for people who exist on the fringes of healthcare.”

Scott T. Armistead, MD
Staff Physician, Bach Christian Hospital, Pakistan

Especially Relevant And Pertinent For Entering An Unfamiliar World
“I heartily recommend the international medicine course and book offered through INMED. It is especially relevant and pertinent to the medical student, resident or medical professional who is travelling for the first time out of the Western world and into a world that is medically and culturally unfamiliar. This is the sort of material I would have found helpful when I went as a medical student and again, as a resident, to East Africa.”

Mary May, RN
Kansas University Medical Center
All Nations Healthcare Ministry, Tanzania

I Wish I’d had This Fifteen Years Earlier

“The INMED Short Self-Paced Courses are excellent preparation and training tools for any healthcare professional who desires to serve in a developing nation or a culturally diverse community. Much of what I’ve learned as a medical missionary nurse has been forged by trial and error while serving in extreme poverty conditions in southern Africa and Asia. I only wish I’d had access to this material fifteen years earlier! I enthusiastically recommend these courses for new and returning volunteers. They will take years off one’s learning process.”

Joe LeMaster, MD, MPH (London)
Professor, Dept. of Community and Family Medicine Kansas University Medical Center
United Mission to Nepal, 1990-2000

Rarely Encountered Such Excellent Educational Tools
“INMED’s international medicine curriculum is similar to a Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. INMED also provides training in cultural adaptation and developing leadership skills. I am aware of no other such broad-based, widely reaching organization supporting students and other learners who are interested in serving cross-culturally. Those who take advantage of INMED’s conferences and resources will be much better prepared to serve those most poor. For people who are considering overseas medical involvement, I also recommend the Humanitarian Health Conference, where they will have opportunity to meet the leaders in this field and to discover how they might get involved. I cannot recommend INMED’s conference and resources highly enough.”

carr-thomasThomas Carr, MD, DTM (Ireland & Gorgas)
Gastroenterologist, Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti
Medical Consultant, United World Mission

Excellent Preparation for Anyone Who is Preparing for International Service
“INMED’s Short Self-Paced Courses are a good general introduction to international health. The Public Health Course emphasizes the role of economics, nutrition, and maternal-child health, rather than simply addressing prevention of tropical diseases. The International HIV Medicine Course helps participants adjust to the challenges of providing care in low-resource settings. The Cross-Cultural Skills course is relevant to most any healthcare practitioner. These Courses are excellent preparation for anyone who is preparing for international service. They simulate the Diploma programs at the Liverpool or London School of Tropical Medicine, but the on-line learning opportunity makes the far more convenient and cost-effective.”

searle-howardHoward Searle, MD
USA Executive Director
Emmanuel Hospital Association

Excellent Resources for Prospective Volunteers
“I asked five senior physicians in Emmanuel Hospital Association to review INMED’s Short Self-Paced Courses. These leaders in hospitals, community health, and HIV/AIDS care in underserved areas of rural northern India applauded the effective way in which the useful information is shared. These Courses are excellent resources for prospective volunteers in international healthcare settings. Given the author’s personal and diverse experience on-site they are able to authoritatively share insights to prepare and polish the skills of those anticipating similar involvement. These are ‘must do’ preparation for healthcare professionals seriously considering short or longer-term service in low-resource communities.”

Patrick Railey, M.D.
Director of Medical Ministries
Operation Mobilization (OM)

A Perfect Balance With a Complete Review of Healthcare Topics
“The INMED Short Self-Paced Courses have now become the center point of Operation Mobilization pre-field training for medical ministry trips. They present a perfect balance with a complete review of healthcare topics – helpful for the first time participant and with the brevity appropriate for a seasoned practitioner’s needs are well. The emphasis throughout the Courses on cultural adaptation and interventions that actually improve community health status will bring the novice up to speed on years of experience in just a few hours. The cost of these CME accredited Courses is also extremely reasonable. They are valuable tools!”

Cheryl Dalton, DPN, DIMPH
DMAT Team Member 

COVID-19 Disaster Medical Responder
“I just wanted to share with you that I was accepted onto a DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) medical team and deployed to St Louis. The rehabilitation center where we serve was hit pretty hard with the epidemic. Many of the residents have COVID positive infection, and many of the care staff are out on quarantine. My team and I are filling in their vacant roles. The Disaster Management course I took with INMED truly helped me with my confidence in disaster care. In fact, I am hoping that this can lead to further work in disaster management service, following the COVID crisis.  Thank you for your excellent courses and all that you do for the vulnerable in the world.

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