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Staff Affairs

Step into Staff Affairs, where our dedicated support for staff members comes to life. Discover resources on professional growth, workplace policies, and a community that values your contributions. Whether you seek guidance on benefits or want to explore development opportunities, we’re here to ensure your experience as part of our staff is fulfilling and rewarding.

The Institute for International Medicine’s (INMED) Academics program’s mission is to offer an affordable, accessible, high-quality educational experience that draws from contemporary evolving research, evidence, and knowledge, so that learners develop in both knowledge and character in order to improve the quality of healthcare around the world.

The Institute for International Medicine’s (INMED) Continuing Medical Education program’s mission is to be an innovative medium, advocate for, and a provider of medical education that promotes evidence-based change, professional development, and patient outcome improvement.

Staff Policies

The Staff & Faculty Policies Page provides clarity on the principles that shape our collaborative and inclusive environment, ensuring a shared understanding of expectations for both staff and faculty members.

Staff Resources

Dive into a wealth of support and tools at Staff and Faculty Resources. From onboarding information to professional development opportunities, this hub is designed to empower both staff and faculty members. 

Employment Opportunities

Explore exciting employment opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations, and join us in shaping the future of our dynamic and collaborative workplace.

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