Alumni Service Program


Individuals who have earned an INMED Professional Diploma are invited to return to offer their skills at an INMED Training Site. The length of service is flexible. INMED will coordinate with both the individuals and the training sites to arrange a mutual match. Responsibilities of the INMED Alum on location will be negotiated between the individual and the Training Site supervisor, with consideration of the alum’s particular skills and the training sites unique needs.


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This one-year advanced training program is specifically for physicians who have completed the Professional Diploma in International Medicine and Public Health (DIMPH) and are intent on full-time career service to cross-cultural and low-resources communities.




View INMED Professional Diploma graduates by program, graduation years, and Training Site location. Also view INMED Master’s Degree in International Heath graduates.


Need An Update?


INMED’s courses are regularly revised with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information. For graduates of our INMED Academic Credit Courses (such as the Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine, Nursing and/or Public Health), we offer a 50% “Refresher Discount” for those alumni who wish to take the course again. In order to register at the 50% discounted rate, please contact [email protected] for instructions. We will verify your previous participation dates and passing grade.