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Faculty & Instructor Affairs

Welcome to Faculty & Instructor Affairs, your gateway to resources and support tailored for our esteemed faculty members and instructors. Explore information on professional development opportunities, academic policies, and collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing your teaching and research experience. We are committed to providing the tools you need to excel in your role and contribute to the academic excellence of our institution.

Faculty Council

The heart of collaborative decision-making in INMED's academic community. Here, faculty voices come together to shape policies, foster innovation, and ensure the academic well-being of our institution. 

Faculty Advising

Academic Advising provides a platform for the exchange of information aimed at assisting a student in achieving educational and career objectives. 

Scholarship and Research

INMED encourages intellectual exploration at Faculty Scholarship and Research. Discover resources, funding opportunities, and collaborative initiatives designed to support and elevate your scholarly endeavors.

Faculty and Instructor Services

Dive into a wealth of support and tools at the Resources page. From onboarding information to professional development opportunities, this hub is designed to empower academic team members. 

Faculty and Instructor Policies

The Policies Page provides clarity on the principles that shape our collaborative and inclusive environment, ensuring a shared understanding of expectations for both academic team members.

Student Affairs

Discover a wealth of resources and services tailored to enhance students' academic journey, personal growth, and overall well-being. 

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