INMED’s Mission

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Compelling Need


Three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. These individuals are frequently forgotten, sick, low-income, undereducated, minorities, disabled, elderly, refugees, and victims of war and disaster.


Desire to Serve


Healthcare professionals and students are often highly motivated to serve. However, many feel ill prepared in the face of cross-cultural barriers, unfamiliar diseases and limited resources.


INMED Mission


INMED, the Institute for International Medicine, is a training center whose mission is to equip healthcare professionals & students to serve the forgotten. Since 2003 INMED is a federally-recognized non-profit education corporation.




INMED emphasizes interactive learning, role modeling, and hands-on experience. INMED’s offerings include:





More than 1,100 INMED graduates passionately and skillfully care for the world’s most vulnerable. Please join them!