INMED’s Mission

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Compelling Need


Three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. These individuals are frequently forgotten, poor, undereducated, minorities, disabled, elderly, veterans, refugees, migrants, chronically ill, and victims of war or disaster.


Desire to Serve


Healthcare professionals and students are often highly motivated to serve. However, many feel ill prepared in the face of cross-cultural barriers, unfamiliar diseases and limited resources.


INMED Mission


INMED, the Institute for International Medicine, is a training center whose mission is to equip healthcare professionals & students to serve the forgotten. Since 2003 INMED is a federally-recognized, non-profit institution of higher learning.




INMED emphasizes interactive learning, role modeling, and hands-on experience. INMED’s offerings include:





More than 1,100 INMED graduates passionately and skillfully care for the world’s most vulnerable. Please join them!