2013 – 2014

Nicole Lum, DO, DIMPH

Institution: AT Still University
Training SiteLiaoning International
General Health Trainers

Location: China
Training Date: February – March 2014

Joseph Muroka, DIMPH

Institution: UMKC School of Pharmacy

Training Site: Kijabe Hospital

Location: Kenya

Training Date: February 2014

Robert Tung, DIPH

Institution: University of Kansas
Training Site: Mushili Health Center
Location: Zambia
Training Date: June 2014

Hannah Bolar, DIPH

Institution: Kentucky Christian University
Training Site: Mushili Health Center
Location: Zambia
Training Date: July 2014

Suzan Lewis, MD

Institution: Resident Physician
Training Site: Kijabe Hospital
Location: Kenya
Training Date: April – May 2014

Ravonna Martin, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Student
Training Site: Banso Baptist Hospital
Location: Cameroon
Training Date: March – April 2014


Training Site: CEML Hospital
Location: Angola
Training Date: October 2014

Kristina Cunningham, MD

Institution: The University of Texas

Health Science Center at San Antonio

Training Site: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center
Location: Tanzania
Training Date: April – May 2014

Vydehi Murthy, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Children’s Mercy Hospital

Training Site: Kempegowda Institute of Med Sciences

Location: India

Training Date: April 2014

Brady Bowen, DIMPH


Institution: Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Training SiteCEML Hospital

Location: Angola

Training Date: January – February 2014

Susan Fockler, BScPhm, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing B.Sc.Phm.

Training SiteWenchi Methodist Hospital
Location: Ghana
Training Date: November 2013


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