2012 – 2013

Robert Lane, MD, DIMPH

Institution: University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Training Site: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center
Location: Tanzania
Training Date: April – May 2013

Kristin Gore, MD, DIMPH

Institution: AnMed Health
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: February 2012

Aimiuwu Uyiosa, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Research Family Medicine Residency
Training Site: Banso Baptist Hospital
Location: Cameroon
Training Date: March 2013

Samuel Strachan, MD, DIMPH

Institution: University of Alabama School of Medicine

Training Site: Macha Mission Hospital

Location: Zambia

Training Date: April 2013

Matthew Brookes, DO

Institution: Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences
Training Site: Ankaase Methodist Hospital
Location: Ghana
Training Date: April 2013

Keith Baldwin, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician
Training Site: Tenwek Hospital
Location: Kenya
Training Date: March – April 2013

Stephen Eikermann, DO

 Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences
Training Site: Sukraraj Tropical Infectious Disease Hospital
Location: Nepal
Training Date: April 2013

Carl Meredith, MD

Institution: University of Colorado Swedish Medical Center
Training Site: Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Location: India
Training Date: December 2012

Kristell Willmer, RN, DIMPH

Institution: University of San Diego
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: October 2012

Gavin Pinkston, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Self-Regional Healthcare Family Medicine Residency
Training Site: Kwai River Christian Hospital
Location: Thailand
Training Date: August-September 2012

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