Master’s Degree in International Health – MIH

Mark Wardle, DO, FAAFP

Training Site: Clinica Esperanza
Location: Honduras
Training Date: June 2022

Scholarly Project: Impact of Global Health Outreach Experiences

Graduated: December 2022

Alice Neumann, MD

Training Site: Clinica Esperanza
Location: Honduras
Training Date: April – May 2022

Scholarly Project: Water Supply Frequency

Graduated: December 2022

Julie K Rosá, MD, DIMPH, MIH

Training Site: Kanad Hospital
Location: UAE
Training Date: January – March 2022

Scholarly Project: Preparation Steps and Curriculum for a New Family Medicine Residency

Graduated: April 2022

Diane Rhoden, MD, MIH

Training Site: The New Beginnings Center of Hope in New York
Location: New York, USA
Training Date: October- December 2021

Scholarly Project: Plight of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Graduated: April 2022

Khalid Eddahiri, MD, DIMPH, MIH

Institution: United Nations
Training Site: Sanaa & Aden
Location: Yemen
Training Date: September – October 2017

Scholarly Project: Medical Emergency Support for Humanitarian Aid

Workers Deployed in Conflict Zones – Concepts and Perspectives

Graduated: December 2021

James Beckerman, MD, DIMPH, MIH

Institution: Practicing
Training Site: Agape Unlimited
Location: Russia
Training Date: February – March 2020

Scholarly Project: Polypill: Can Mass-Prevention without Precision Promote

Cardiovascular Health?

Graduated: October 2021

Burton Adrian, MD, DIMPH, MIH

Institution: Practicing
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: September – October 2019

Scholarly Project: Teaching Ultrasound in Resource Limited Settings

Graduated: May 2022

Michael Schick, DO, MA, DIMPH, MIH

Institution: Physician
Training Site: Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
Training Date: December 2018

Scholarly Project: Ultrasound in Resource-Limited Settings-

A Case Based, Open Access Text

Graduated: November 2021

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