INMED International HIV Medicine Certificate

Rachel Hassenpflug, MD

Institution: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Training Site: McCord Hospital
Location: South Africa
Training Date: January – February 2012

Melinda Chen, MD

Institution: University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: April 2011

Leah Centanni, MD

Institution: University of California – Irvine
Training Site: Emmanuel Hospital Association
Location: India
Training Date: August 2010

Voichita Ianis, MD

Institution: University of Arizona
Training Site: Mseleni Hospital
Location: South Africa
Training Date: July 2010

Meghan McGarry, MD

Institution: University of Washington School of Medicine
Training Site: Macha Mission Hospital
Location: Zambia
Training Date: April – May 2009

Shells Schwarmberger, MD

Institution: Medical College of Georgia
Training Site: Mseleni Hospital
Location: South Africa
Training Date: October 2008

Christopher Cates, MD

Institution: University of Missouri School of Medicine

Training Site: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center

Location: Tanzania

Training Date: February – April 2014

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