INMED Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health – DINPH

Kimberly Hall, DINPH

Institution: University Of Kansas
Training Site: Vellore Christian Medical College and Hospital
Location: India
Training Date: September – October 2019

Rachel Loder, DINPH

Institution: University of Kansas School of Nursing
Training Site: Clinica Esperanza
Location: Honduras
Training Date: June – July 2019

Nathaniel Uhl, BSN, RN, DINPH

Institution: Practicing
Training Site: Mushili Health Center
Location: Zambia
Training Date: March 2018

Carrie Remillard, RN, BSN, DINPH

Institution: University of Kansas Hospital
Training Site: Indigenous People’s Technology and
Education Center
Location: Ecuador
Training Date: January – February 2018

Micah Flint, MPA, RN, DINPH

Institution: Institute for International Medicine
Training Site: Baptist Medical Center
Location: Ghana
Training Date: January 2010

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