Equivalency Site

Judith Weimer, FNP-C, DINPH

Institution: Practicing
Training Site: Global Response Refugee Camp
Location: Reynosa, Mexico
Training Date: September 2021

Amanda Mohammed, DIMPH

Institution: UTSW/Parkland Family Medicine
Training Site: Refugee International
Location: Guatemala
Training Date: March – April 2018

Carrie Remillard, RN, BSN, DINPH

Institution: University of Kansas Hospital
Training Site: Indigenous People’s Technology and
Education Center
Location: Ecuador
Training Date: January – February 2018

Justin Ongkingco, DIMPH

Institution: New York Institute of Technology
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Training Site: University of Santo Tomas
Hospital, Manila
Location: Philippines
Training Date: June – July 2017

Bethany Clutts, DIMPH

Institution: AT Still University-Kirksville
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Training Site: Hospital of Hope in Mango
Location: Togo
Training Date: July 2017

Ani Bodoutchian, MD, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician
Training Site: St. George’s University Health Clinic
Location: Grenada
Training Date: February 2018

Demelza Rekha Chinniah Thomas, DIMPH

Institution: Poznan University Of Medical Sciences
Training Site: Heliodor Swiecicki Clinical
Hospital at the Karol Marcinkowski
Medical University
Location: Poznań, Poland
Training Date: July 2017

Hope Bechard, RN, DIPH

Institution: Practicing
Training Site: Hands Up for Haiti
Location: Haiti
Training Date: October – December, 2013

Patti Pagels, PA-C, DIMPH

Institution: Practicing Physician Assistant
Training Site: Daeyang Luke Hospital
Location: Malawi
Training Date: February 2017

Sarah Coors, DO, DIMPH

Institution: Baylor College Of Medicine
Training Site: Patan Hospital
Location: Nepal
Training Date: November – December 2017

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