Service Learning

INMED service-learning builds upon the cognitive knowledge and skills gained through INMED Courses by giving learners quality supervised field experience through which to apply their knowledge and skills.


Diploma Programs in International Medicine, Nursing, & Public Health 


INMED professional diploma programs are designed to equip healthcare professionals and healthcare profession students through both academic study and supervised field experience. INMED Diploma graduates will be prepared to lead comprehensive health improve in the lowest-resource communities. Please view the video Introduction to Diploma Programs.


INMED Training Sites


INMED cooperates with some forty health facilities in twenty-five nations that provide exceptional education and field experience. Site selection is done with attention to safety, accessibility, instructor credentials, ease of communications, and the evaluations of former participants.


International Medicine Fellowship


The INMED International Medicine Fellowship is offered to graduates of the INMED Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health who are intent on career service. This one-year experience guides Fellows into the deeper nuances of team-building, designing, funding, initiating, leading, and evaluating health interventions in highest-risk communities.