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What is the Process of Setting Up an INMED International Service-Learning Experience Through Your Organization?

INMED has a network of Training Sites in twenty-four nations. To begin the process of setting up an INMED service-learning experience, submit an online application for the Graduate Diploma in which you are interested. The online application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and will ask applicants to about motivation, dates of availability, as well as service-learning sites preferences. A letter of recommendation, proof of health insurance, a professional profile photograph, and a copy of one’s professional license (if no longer a student) is also required at the time of application. Once INMED receives this application, we will contact our Service-Learning Sites to find a good match. If accepted to do an INMED service-learning experience, we will then issue you an acceptance package with detailed information.

Are the INMED Service-Learning Experiences Hands-On or Observational?

INMED’s model emphasizes hands-on experience with proper supervision. However, responsibilities will be assigned according to one’s level of training and skill possessed, as assessed by the Service-Learning Site supervisor.

What Types of Accommodations Are Available for INMED Service-Learning?

Most of INMED Service-Learning Sites offer accommodations for INMED learners. Often these accommodations are within the facility complex. However, there are a few locations that require outside accommodations. INMED assists learners in this process. Please review the lodging and meals information included in each INMED Service-Learning Site description.

I'm Concerned About Safety and Security Issues. Are the Program Locations Safe? What Precautions Are Taken to Ensure My Safety?

INMED takes safety issues very seriously. While there are inherent risks in traveling internationally and nothing can absolutely guarantee a participant’s safety and security, there are certain precautions that can be taken to lower the risk of international travelers.
Each INMED participant will be registered with the US State Department prior to their departure. They will also be equipped with emergency contact information for their destination in the event of a travel mishap. In addition, INMED participants are provided with International Medical & Evacuation Travel Insurance.
Participants are placed at service-learning sites that have hosted other learners in the past, and all have been properly screened by INMED. Upon acceptance, INMED provides our participants with other site-specific safety information.


What is the Deadline for International Service-Learning Application?

Applications are considered and accepted on a continuous basis. However, to be considered applications must be received a minimum of three months prior to desired departure date. Because many INMED service-learning sites fill up quickly, we recommend submitting your application up to one year in advance to increase the likelihood of securing your desired location.

I Only Have a Specific Time Frame Available for an INMED International Service-Learning. Can You Tell Me if You Have an Opening at the Training Site I’m Interested in Before I Submit My Application?

INMED is unable to release information about openings at Service-Learning Sites prior to receiving your application. The information you submit in your application is the information we communicate to our Service-Learning Sites. Upon receiving this information, each Service-Learning Site informs INMED whether they have an opening for you.

Can Individuals with Little or No Spanish Apply to Programs in Spanish Speaking Countries?

Most of INMED’s Service-Learning Sites in Central and South America require fluency in Spanish. Please review the language information in each INMED Service-Learning Site description to learn more about what language competency is required.


What is the Cost For An INMED Service-Learning Experience?

The greatest cost associated with an INMED service-learning experience is usually airfare. When considering all costs, including international flight, room & board, visa, vaccines, enrollment fee, and other logistical expenses, the total cost is usually on the order of $3000-$4,000 per learner. INMED will provide a full cost estimate to individuals once learner’s Training Site has been approved.
This estimate does not include the required course costs associated with completing the INMED Diploma Program.

Does INMED Offer Any Financial Aid To Help Offset The Costs?

Upon being accepted to an INMED Diploma program, INMED equips participants with four effective means of raising financial support:

  • Personal fund raising suggestions
  • Civic organization support solicitation
  • Scholarships sources
  • INMED Alumni Scholarship Fund

Please email [email protected] for any questions.

Why Am I Charged An Enrollment Tuition?

A significant portion of the enrollment tuition provides each INMED Diploma Program participant with International Medical Professional Liability Coverage (for clinical participants only), a Traveler’s Emergency Evacuation and Medical Insurance policy, and free admission to the annual INMED Humanitarian Health Conference.

In addition to these benefits, INMED incurs significant cost associated with scheduling at well-established Service-Learning Sites, assistance with arranging airline tickets, visa, accommodations, and coordination with educational institutions to assure academic credit. While INMED’s fee is well below similar organizations, the enrollment fee helps INMED offset some of these costs.


When Can I Do an INMED International Service-Learning Experience? Are There Set Starting Dates? What Is the Duration of the Program?

The INMED academic calendar runs from July of each year through June of the following year. Service-learning can begin at any time and must last for a minimum of four weeks. At least two weeks is acceptable for practicing professionals and for final-year resident physicians. Applications are considered and accepted on a continuous basis. However, to be considered applications must be received a minimum of three months prior to desired departure date. Because many INMED service-learning sites fill up quickly, we recommend submitting your application up to one year in advance to increase the likelihood of securing your desired location.

Can I Do an INMED International Service-Learning Experience For Less Than Four Weeks?

International Service-Learning is ideally at least four weeks in duration. This length of time significantly increases the likelihood that the learner will experience a substantial growth opportunity. However, INMED realizes that some learners have professional commitments that preclude them from being absent for four weeks. Therefore, INMED offers an exception to the four-week requirement. If accepted into the International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway, the requirement is reduced to at least two weeks on location followed by composing a quality improvement project.

I am a past participant in the Graduate Certificate in International Medicine, Nursing, and/or Public Health. Can I participate in the service-learning experience now?

Yes, if the Graduate Certificate and the service-learning experience take place within a four-year window. If your time has expired, you qualify for the Refresher Discount (50% off tuition) to re-take the course. Please contact [email protected] for instructions. We will verify your previous participation dates and passing grade.


I Want to Do an INMED International Service-Learning Experience, But I Don't Want to Complete INMED's Educational Requirements. Can I Do This?

If you are accepted to do an INMED service-learning experience, you must complete all the educational requirements set forth by INMED. As an educational organization, INMED specializes in providing education and training, not simply volunteer opportunities.

Do I Have to Be a Certain Religion to Participate in an INMED International Service-Learning Experience?

INMED is an educational organization, and we encourage people of all faiths and religious backgrounds to participate in our programs, courses, and events. Regarding an INMED service-learning experience, some of our partnering Service-Learning Sites are only able to accept participants who align with the values of their organizations.

I'm a Beginning Medical/Nursing Student. Can I Do an INMED Service-Learning Experience?

Beginning medical students, such as those between their first and second year, are invited to participate in the INMED Graduate Diploma in International Public Health – which does not require clinical skills. As part of this Diploma, however, beginning medical students are encouraged to complete the full Graduate Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health.
Prior to completing the service-learning portion of the INMED Graduate Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health, medical students must complete their core clinical training in internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and surgery.
Similarly, for nursing students who wish to participate in the INMED Graduate Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health, INMED requires that prior to departure nursing students have already completed at least their first semester of nursing school.


I Want to Do an INMED Service-Learning Experience with My Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Is This Allowed?

In an effort to respect cultural norms of host nations, INMED does not send learners who are dating or engaged to the same Service-Learning Site simultaneously. Couples must be married to go to the same service-learning site together.

Can I Go to A Service-Learning Site That is Not Listed on the INMED Website?

Yes, INMED will consider crediting alternate service-learning experience beyond those at INMED Service-Learning Sites. Please review the criteria for INMED Diploma Via Equivalency for an upcoming experience, or INMED Diploma Via Equivalency Service-Learning Completed for a previous experience.

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