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INMED offers state-of-the-art courses that supply formative information and skills to guide effective healthcare in low-resource and cross-cultural settings.


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u201cINMED is one of 12 academic affiliated training centers for humanitarian health in North America, and the only one west of the Mississippi. I had the honor to review INMEDu2019s program of instruction first hand. It is an outstanding program and the only one that mixes on-line instruction with face-to-face group exercises and case studies. INMEDu2019s program has many strengths but the greatest is the maturity, integrity, compassion and strong field experience of the INMED teaching and administrative staff. They are excellent role models! As demand rises for humanitarian action, both domestically and globally, INMED will be highly sought after. This is a Five Star Program!u201d
Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM
Harvard Professor, Senior Fellow & Scientist
Found INMED To Be Consistent, Dedicated And Trustworthy

u201cThe urgency of healthcare among the poorest of the poor close is to my heart. Such service requires a unique skill set, as I experienced for myself while serving in Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Armenia. INMED is a proven leader in training healthcare professionals to make the most of their good intentions. Such preparation would have helped me avoid learning many important lessons that hard way. INMED is also pioneering avenues to assist communities in becoming self-sufficient and to maximize use of limited resources. I have found INMED to be consistent, dedicated and trustworthy in these pursuits.u201d
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Lieutenant Governor of Kansas

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