Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway

International Service-Learning is ideally at least four weeks in duration. This length of time significantly increases the likelihood that the learner will experience a substantial growth opportunity. However, INMED realizes that some learners have personal and professional commitments that may preclude them from being absent for four weeks. Therefore, INMED offers the following exception to the four-week requirement. If accepted into the International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway, the requirement is reduced to at least two weeks on location.


International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway Steps 


1. Prior to or at the time of International Service-Learning course registration submit a written request explaining the compelling reasons why a shorter duration experience is needed. A response will be provided within one week either granting the request, denying the request, or soliciting more information.

2. Once approved and accepted, proceed with the 2-week international service learning experience.

3. After returning home, compose and submit an INMED Quality Improvement Project designed to address an issue observed at the international service-learning Training Site. This is an academic exercise, only to be shared with INMED faculty. Do not share with the Training Site. Carefully review the INMED International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway Quality Improvement Project Guidelines to understand the steps in the quality improvement process. Please note: this quality improvement project is distinct from the MIH Scholarly Project.

4. Complete this Quality Improvement Project within two weeks of returning from the INMED Training Site. Upon your request, and INMED faculty will be available to assist you.

5. Submit the final Quality Improvement Project using the Upload Assignment feature below.


International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway Resources


Put Quality Improvement Into Practice, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Basics of Quality Improvement, American Academy of Family Physicians

Ways To Approach the Quality Improvement Process, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

An Overview of Quality Improvement, British Medical Journal (requires Google Chrome to view)


Examples of an International Service-Learning Quality Improvement Project submitted by INMED Learners include:


Susan Aycock Cervical Cancer Intervention Plan

Ramona Webb Improve Newborn Survival in Papua New Guinea