Micah Flint’s Presentations

Micah Flint, INMED Chief Innovation Officer, is available for engagements. Please contact Micah to explore any of the presentations below.


Humanitarian Crisis


Disasters are increasingly at the forefront of global attention. In the face of devastating losses, the heartening response of many individuals and organizations is to do something. Equipping yourself and/or your organization on strategies to build resilience in resource poor communities and with the unique skills required for response activities when a disaster does occur will ultimately lead to lives being saved.


Humanitarian Crisis Simulation


Custom develop simulation crisis for response agencies, conferences, and academic institutions, such as this 2017 INMED Humanitarian Health Conference Disaster Simulation.


Innovation in Global Health


Addressing the vast needs of the most marginalized of this world requires us to not accept the status quo and seek innovate approaches to partnering with the forgotten of this world.