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Professional Qualification Course in Basic Life Support in Obstetrics

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Course Information

Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO℠) is designed to improve the management of normal deliveries, as well as obstetric emergencies, by equipping pre-hospital care providers, first responders and emergency personnel, and healthcare professionals and learners the most essential, evidence-based skills in obstetrics. BLSO skills are especially useful for rural, low-resource, and under-staffed communities and healthcare settings.

BLSO℠ is an educational program of the American Academy of Family Physicians. The INMED Basic Life Support in Obstetrics Provider Course is a hybrid course that combines online learning with a one-day in-classroom event that includes hands-on workshops, case-based discussions, and role plays.

At the completion of the INMED Basic Life Support in Obstetrics Course, participants will be able to demonstrate:

  • Basic skills in the assessment and management of normal deliveries
  • Recognition and management of common obstetrical emergencies
  • Basic skills in newborn resuscitation
  • Successful patient care communication between first responders and maternity care providers

Following is the general schedule of the in-classroom section of the INMED Basic Life Support in Obstetrics Course. This experience includes hands-on workshops, case-based discussions, and role plays.

8:00                Pre-Test
8:15                 Normal Labor
9:00                Emergent Prenatal Assessment
10:00              Postpartum Hemorrhage and Maternal Resuscitation
11:00               Malpresentations
12:00              Lunch
1:00                 Shoulder Dystocia
2:00                Hypertensive Emergencies in Pregnancy
2:30                Preterm Labor and Premature Rupture of Membranes
3:00                Neonatal Resuscitation
4:00                Labor Dystocia
4:30                Exam

Break times are not scheduled but will be provided based on faculty and learner needs.


Enrollment in the INMED Basic Life Support in Obstetrics Provider Course is open to pre-hospital care providers, first responders and emergency personnel, and health profession learners and practitioners – including those in medicine, nursing, physician assistant, midwifery, and pharmacy.

Computing Requirements

The following are the minimum computing requirements for participating in this course. Learners must have ready access to and be functionally proficient with:

  • A personal computer with an up-to-date operating system and ample memory for downloads
  • A web browser, preferably the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari
  • Applications capable of opening Microsoft Word documents and of viewing PDFs
  • An Internet connection, preferably high speed
  • Capability of viewing YouTube and Vimeo videos

This one-day course will equip participants with essential and commonly needed hands-on skills necessary.

Education Methods

Learners will achieve the competency objectives through the following education methods:

  • Interactive online learning techniques

  • Interactive live presentations

  • Skill stations for increasing technical proficiency

  • Case studies for developing clinical judgment

Evaluation Methods & Requirements For Successful Completion

This course is graded pass/fail. Successful pass requires:

  • Participation in all Course activities, both online and in-classroom
  • Achievement of 80% or greater on all Final Examinations
  • Successful demonstration of all required skills
  • Completion of the course evaluation

Students who successfully complete the course of learning will receive the INMED Professional Certificate in Basic Life Support in Obstetrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians BLSO℠ Certificate. Verification of the educational experience will be provided to the learner’s affiliated institution.

The tuition for the INMED Professional Qualification Course in Basic Life Support in Obstetrics is $265 per participant. There is no additional charge for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

Participants will receive access to the INMED Maternal-Newborn Health online preparatory course which requires about five hours of study, admission to the Course, BLSO℠ Provider Manual print edition, one day of supervised hands-on skill development, and upon satisfactory participation and skill demonstration, the INMED Professional Certificate in Basic Life Support in Obstetrics. Please note that accommodations and meals are not included.

For more information, view the Cost page.

Presently, this course is only being offered in Kansas City, Missouri.


This course is offered in connection with the Humanitarian Health Conference. Please visit the conference website for event accommodation information.


The In-Classroom Section in Kansas City, MO, will be held at Graceway.

Street Address: 5460 Blue Ridge Cutoff, Raytown, MO 64133

If you are traveling from the Kansas City International Airport, your starting address is: 1 International Square, Kansas City, MO 64153

I feel safer here in Tanzania, knowing that I have the extra skill set


“I have now completed both HBB and BLSO with INMED.  Both were really positive experiences and complement each other. All the instructors were well trained professionals, and the course preparation and facilities made for ease of learning. Serving in Rwanda and Tanzania, I feel even more excited that I have more life-saving skills to share with my in-country colleagues, that we can better intervene and possibly save the lives of mothers and their infants in crisis. I highly recommend these courses for anybody who is contemplating global health partnerships, especially those in the fields of maternal and child health. Thank you INMED!”

Elizabeth Anne Jones, BSN, CPN
Pediatric Nurse Mentor
CHUK University Teaching Hospital
Ministry of Health of Rwanda


A refreshing and relevant break from the norm


The BLSO course offered through INMED was a great experience where I learned invaluable skills that I will continue to use throughout my medical career. As a first-year medical student, a vast majority of my schooling was classroom-based. The opportunity to learn practical skills was a refreshing and relevant break from the norm. I now feel much more equipped to enter my clinical rotations with a strong foundation in basic obstetrical care. The course instructors were helpful, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. I am so grateful that I was given the learning opportunity and I look forward to using what I learned for years to come.

Kristopher Aten,
Medical Student and Rural Scholar
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

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