INMED is committed to quality, affordable education. Consistent with this value, many INMED faculty volunteer their service. Participants in the INMED Master’s degree in International Health are ultimately responsible for all associated expenses. The following fees are those that are paid directly to INMED for participation in the program. Participants are also responsible for all other costs incurred, including but not limited to airfare, passport, visa, vaccinations, and housing and meals associated with their INMED Service-Learning experience.




Tuition per credit hour: $272. No additional fees are added.




Master’s degree in International Health Application Fee: $100, non-refundable. All payments made to INMED must be in US dollars.


Tuition for the Professional Certificate Course in Epidemiology – 6 Credit Hours: $1,632.  Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit requires no additional payment.


Tuition for the Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine, International Nursing, or  & International Public Health – 10 Credit Hours: $2,720.  Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit requires no additional payment.


Elective Courses – 6 Credit Hours: $1,632


Tuition for the International Service-Learning – 5 Credit Hours: $1360. This tuition includes the cost of one’s international medical liability insurance policy (that protect learners from healthcare litigation abroad), the cost of an international travel and evacuation insurance policy (for personal health crises), and for the uniquely challenging logistics of arranging of international service-learning in low-resource communities.


Other expenses associated with the International Service-Learning experience are the responsibility of the learner. These normally include airfare, passport, visa, vaccinations, and housing and meals at the international site.


Scholarly Project – 5 Credit Hours: $1,360. Included is faculty supervision and defense of the scholarly project before a jury of INMED faculty.




Application fee: $100


32-credit hour tuition at $272/credit hour: $8704. No additional fees are added.


Notes: Service-Learning travel expenses are not included. Tuition and fees are subject to change




MIH learners have the option of utilizing a personalized INMED Social Fundraising Page to share their upcoming international service-learning experience with friends and family and to provide a platform to collect donations to support this effort. Individuals who donate online will receive a tax-deductible receipt via email. Due to Paypal processing fees, a 3% administrative fee is taken out at the time of fund withdrawal. Learners are under no obligation to raise funds in this way – this is simply a service INMED provides to aid our learners in raising financial support. Contact [email protected] for more details.




The Master’s Degree in International Health Application Fee ($100) is nonrefundable.


75% of the tuition for the courses (including scholarly project) is refundable before the 1st day of the course. 50% refunds are available through the 1st week of the course. No refunds are available after the 1st week of the course. If a learner desires to cancel his/her course enrollment, he/she has the choice to request a refund or to apply his/her payment to a future course. INMED reserves the right to cancel individual courses. In the event of a course cancellation, a full tuition refund will be made.


If for any reason a learner must cancel the International Service-Learning experience, 75% of the international service learning enrollment tuition is refundable up to 60 days prior to beginning the experience.