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Professional Certificate Course in International Faculty Physician Development


At the completion of the INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Faculty Physician Development, learners will be able to demonstrate using case-studies and simulation:


  • Methods of effective teaching and learning
  • Methods of evaluation and instructional design
  • Principles of disease prevention
  • Principles of chronic disease management
  • Essential cross-cultural skills
  • Principles of health systems, policy, and planning
  • Principles of health leadership
  • Planning for career development
  • Essential medical English skills
  • Basic Life Support skills


Time Frames


This Professional Certificate Course includes 8 weeks of structured learning and assignments due each Sunday night. Each week includes a required virtual class with the faculty for discussions, simulations, case studies, exams, and medical English conversation. This weekly required virtual class may last up to 120 minutes. The course concludes with two days of in-person instruction in Shenyang, China


Course Faculty


Nicholas Comninellis, MD

Todd Franks

Jason Pangyan, MD


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