2013 Exploring Medical Missions Conference

500 individuals and 32 exhibitors participated the 2013 EMMC.

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Conference Theme


“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both?” opens the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken. In parallel, today’s healthcare professionals enjoy abundant career choices. A minority select service to the world’s most marginalized people. The 2013 INMED Exploring Medical Missions Conference exposes the heartfelt need of the forgotten, celebrates action of their behalf, and challenges us to join this journey. Frost concludes, “…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”




Friday and Saturday, May 29-June 1, 2013


Conference Objectives


At the completion of this conference participants will be able to:


Core Competencies



Seminar Session Descriptions


Medicine Skill Stations: Faculty will lead hands-on sessions in basic suturing, bandaging, and management of obstetrical complication. Participants commit for the entire morning or afternoon session and will rotate between these three topics each 45 minutes.


International Health Sessions: 


Integrating IMCI and ETAT guidelines: Improving emergency care in low resource settings


HIV Management and Opportunistic Infections: Providing HIV care in low resource and cross-cultural settings


Tropical Medicine Rounds: A simulation of hospital patient care rounds in a resource-poor setting



Elective Sessions: 


Faith & Healthcare: The biblical imperative of humanitarian service as an expression of true faith.


Cross-Cultural Healthcare: Exposure of and strategies for overcoming misunderstanding between widely divergent people.


Cross-Cultural Ministry: Maintaining the integrity on the Gospel while appropriately adapting to distinct communities.


Helping Babies Breathe: This all-day (Seminar Session 1 and 2) session will equip participants to resuscitate newborn babies in low-resource settings. It will also prepare participants to intentionally teach these skills to others. For this reason, participants are required to purchase the HBB NeoNataie Newborn Simulator With Standard Accessories And Resuscitation Care Kit. Simulators purchased through INMED will be payable at the time of conference registration, and must be ordered by May 15, 2013 for delivery to the participants at the Conference. This session is open to participants from any background, including program administrators, policy makers, and parents.


Public Health Sessions:


Water & Sanitation: Critical progress in health and economic development through provision of safe drinking water
Food Security & Malnutrition Management: Assurance of food availability for community stability, and strategies for malnutrition recovery


Complex Humanitarian Crisis Response: Development of community resilience, response preparedness, and crisis response activities through group exercises