Education Style

Institute for International Medicine (INMED) is an American-style institution legally, organizationally, academically, linguistically, and traditionally via community engagement and accreditation.




INMED is an educational non-profit organized under the Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Law established on December 18, 2003. INMED is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service.




INMED’s organizational structure and leadership are based on accepted American standards for operation.  This includes a well-defined Board of Directors, leadership roles, and documentation required by federal law for US-based non-profit organizations.




INMED’s academic structure, process, format, and philosophy are mirrored from American Universities Schools of Health Sciences.  This includes Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health and Health Administration.   For example, INMED structures the learning process similar to US medical education; by creating phases of sequential progress that begins with the student’s development of knowledge and skills, integration of skill development specific to student’s specialty/degree, assessing knowledge and skills throughout the process, scholarly work that reflects the standards and practices of research in medical and educational institutions, service-learning experiences mirroring traditional medical clinical rotations, preceptorships, and evaluation.




INMED course work, didactic presentations, textbooks, evaluations, and examinations are presented in English.




INMED’s history and tradition are influenced by American-style education and culture.  INMED leadership and a majority of faculty have received their education from American-style educational institutions and practice their health profession in American-style health centers.  The majority of INMED service-learning experiences are completed at medical centers founded on American medical standards, processes, and education.


Community Engagement


INMED markets itself as an American-style academic institution.  This is accomplished by highlighting the similarities of our academic offering to other comparable American university degrees.  INMED also highlights the highest standard in international health education in the USA.




INMED is an accredited provider of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for Continuing Medical Education (CME) through the Missouri State Medical Association granted by the American Council for Continuing Medical Education.  CME accreditation is only granted to American organizations that demonstrate life-long learning for medical physicians in the USA.  CME accreditation process requires INMED to meet the rigorous organizational requirements, curriculum and teaching standards, and evaluation benchmarks that align with the educational models of American medical education and physician education.