Educational Components

Participants in the Professional Diploma in International Nursing and Public Health will attain the competency objectives through the following educational components.


Download the complete Syllabus for the INMED Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health



Each INMED Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health participant must successfully complete the INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Nursing & Public Health. Please view the Academic Calendar.


When applying to the INMED Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health, please indicate in which course you will to participate.




The second component of the INMED Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health is a service learning experience.


Participants serve a minimum of four weeks – two weeks in the case of practicing professionals – at an INMED International Nursing Training Site, or approved equivalent site, where they are supervised by experienced INMED faculty. Responsibilities vary from site to site, and may include inpatient care, outpatient clinic, and participation in research, public health, and primary care activities. Please see the Training Site descriptions for full details.


“Service-Learning via Equivalency”: INMED endeavors to recognize excellent international nursing service-learning experiences provided by other institutions towards qualification for an INMED Professional Diploma. Please refer to these details regarding Equivalency for a past experience and Equivalency for an upcoming experience.


Participants will make an educational presentation to the staff at that training site.  The participant’s supervisor will assist in selecting the topic and developing content of this presentation.


Upon returning from the international service learning experience, participants are required to submit a guided personal essay to aid integration of the experience to the learner’s personal and professional life.


*International Service-Learning is ideally at least four weeks in duration. This length of time significantly increases the likelihood that the learner will experience a substantial growth opportunity. However, INMED realizes that some learners have professional commitments that preclude them from being absent for four weeks. Therefore, INMED offers an exception to the four-week requirement. If accepted into the International Service-Learning Reduced Duration Pathway, the requirement is reduced to at least two weeks on location followed by composing a quality improvement project.