Evaluation & Certification



Assessment of a participant’s attainment of the competency objectives will be based upon:


Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health Evaluation


Performance is assessed via post-tests, article discussions, projects, class participation, and comprehensive final examinations.


Training Site Faculty Evaluation


Supervising faculty at the INMED International Medicine Training Site will submit a written evaluation of student’s performance with attention to the competency objectives.


Essay Evaluation


At the completion of their service learning experience, participants will receive guidelines for authoring an essay documenting insights they have developed on international health issues.




Participants who successfully complete the above course of study will receive the INMED Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health. Verification of the educational experience will be provided to any learner’s affiliated institution. Graduates are entitled to include initials DIMPH (Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health) following their names.