Professional Diploma Via Equivalency

INMED endeavors to recognize excellent international medicine, nursing, and public health service-learning experiences provided by other institutions towards qualification for and INMED Professional Diploma or Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH).




In application for equivalency, the student must provide documentation that the experience will:


Supervisor Qualifications


Potential supervisors of INMED Service-Learning students must:




View the cost details for the Professional Diploma Program that is most appropriate for your credentials:


Application Fee

$100 – Application Fee for Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health or

$100 – Application fee for Professional Diploma in International Nursing & Public Health or

$100 – Application Fee for Professional Diploma in International Public Health


Professional Certificate Course Tuition

$1260 for Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health or

$1260 for Professional Certificate Course in International Nursing & Public Health or

$630 for Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health

(Optional: If taking the course for CME, an additional charge is applicable)


Service-Learning Approval Fee

$600 for International Medicine & Public Health Service-Learning approval or

$600 for International Nursing & Public Health Service-Learning approval or

$600 for International Public Health Service-Learning approval




1)   Submit international training site location & description (or reference to a website that fully describes the facility) and service-learning dates for approval by INMED.


2)   Complete the Professional Certificate Course corresponding to the diploma for which you are applying:


3) Submit the Diploma Application online:


4)   Pay Service-Learning Approval Fee


5)   Upon return, submit the following documentation to INMED (we will provide the templates for these documents):


6)   Once these documents are evaluated to satisfaction, you will receive the diploma by mail and will be eligible to use the credentials corresponding to your diploma:


Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Burgos at [email protected]