Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health

Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health

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Promoting health in a low resource and/or cross-cultural setting presents special challenges, and requires particular skills. This comprehensive course enhances expertise in epidemiology, measures of health and disease, epidemiology studies, basic biostatistics, disease causation, international public health, disaster management, cross-cultural skills, low-resource health leadership, and health professions education.


Reference Text:


INMED International Medicine & Public Health
Author: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH
Publisher: Institute for International Medicine, 2012
400 pages


Note: This book will be mailed free of change to course participants. Due to barriers against international shipping, this book can only be provided to mailing addresses within the United States.


Textbook Provided via Download:


World Health Organization: Basic Epidemiology (2nd ed) by R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole, T. Kjellström, and WHO; 2006.


Proceed through the content in chronological order according to the course syllabus. Click the “Mark Complete” button at the end of each section. Note: To view the full width of each page without scrolling left to right, please collapse the left-side menu using the arrow in the top left of the page.

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