The Professional Certificate Course in Ultrasound For Primary Care has two sections: online and in-classroom. The online component provides didactic preparation for imaging of thyroid, venous and DVT screening, vascular and carotid, abdominal and renal, cardiac and thoracic. Following is the general schedule of the in-classroom section.


Each major topic will begin with a rapid review of anatomy and examples of normal scan planes, followed by supervised, hands-on scanning experience to achieve normal scan planes, ultrasound techniques and equipment control.


8:00             Principles of US equipment use and image optimization
9:00             Thyroid & Carotid
10:00            Limited Echo & Thoracic
11:00             Abdominal, Renal, Urinary & eFAST
12:00             Lunch
1:00               DVT Screening
2:00              Joint Space Access (Glenohumeral, Superiolateral Knee)
3:00              Venous Access (Internal Jugular, Subclavian, Basilic, Common Femoral)
5:00              Finish


*In-Classroom Session schedule is subject to change