Building upon the lessons below, learners will also critique assigned articles, participate in discussion boards, and compose a comprehensive essay that requires personal application of the course content.



Week 1: Lifestyle Health Overview


Healthy lifestyle isn’t all about knowledge

Your health and your career

Are you healthy?


Week 2: Lasting Health Change


Forces behind lasting change

Change models: steps, goals and dreams


Week 3: Nutrition. Not a diet program


What are you eating?

Fads, trends and diets

Evidence-based nutrition for health


Week 4: Fitness is the Goal


Read Sedentary is killing us

Health and healing through movement

Act is in activity


Week 5: Sleep is Medicine


Healthcare and sleep

Don’t wake the sleeping killer

Falling a sleep and staying a sleep


Week 6: Stress Management, Burnout and Fatigue


The physiology of stressing

It’s all connected

Create a self-care plan


Week 7: A Health Community


Friends with health benefits

Frienship, community and service

Our relational need


Week 8: ABC’s Model of Behavior Change


Understand the ABC’s Model of Behavior Change

Implement two-step process change