Scholarly Project


Course Code: MIH – SCP 950


An INMED Scholarly Project is the capstone requirement for the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH). MIH learners will select, design, and develop a scholarly project relevant to their career interests. An appropriate INMED faculty will be assigned to assist the learner with each step of the process, guiding the learner through project completion within six months after registering. Scholarly Projects may include:



Scholarly projects associated with the learner’s international service-learning experience will be given preference. Upon completion, learners will present their scholarly project before a quorum of INMED faculty, who may inquire regarding any component of the project or of the MIH educational experience. Satisfactory completion of the Scholarly Project earns 5 credit hours.


Recently Submitted Scholarship Projects


The effect of COVID 19 on Mental Health of Refugee Populations in the United States – a Literature Review. Diane Rhoden, The Floating Hospital, New York City, NY.


Disaster Risk Assessment – Comparative study of inter-rater reliability – Prehospital and disaster medicine on three continents. Author: Khalid Eddahiri, Medical Officer, Occupational Safety and Health Section of the United Nations.


Health infrastructure for mitigation of infectious diseases in Sierra Leone – education of community health workers regarding COVID-19 prevention, safe drinking water, and maternal-child health. Author: Kerrie E. Flynn, MSN, FNP-C, DIMPH of Massachusetts General Hospital.