Professional Qualification Course in Tropical Medicine Hands-On Skills


Course Code: PQC-TMHS 805




The INMED Professional Qualification Course in Tropical Medicine Hands-On Skills is designed to provide learners a review of mostly commonly needed essential clinical skills. Included are hands-on sessions covering wound care and suturing, extremity trauma and immobilization/casting, tropical fever evaluation, blood and stool laboratory pathogen analysis, community health survey techniques, and basic and advanced cardiac life support for both children and adults. Academic credit earned is 1 credit hour. Sample the INMED learning experience with this 15-minute Free Demo Short Self-Paced Course.



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Competency Objectives


At the completion of the INMED Professional Qualification Course in Tropical Medicine Hands-On Skills, learners will be able to demonstrate:



Course Faculty


Nicholas Comninellis, MD

Paul Larson MD, MS, MBA, CPE, DTM&H, FAAFP

Sean Mark, MD, DIMPH