Building upon the lessons below, learners will also critique assigned articles, participate in discussion boards, and complete assigned application exercises. All weekly assignments are due by Sunday at midnight.



Epidemiology Week One


Theme for this week is Introduction to Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 What Is Epidemiology
Lesson 2 Epidemiology and Public Health
Lesson 3 Achievements in Epidemiology


Epidemiology Week Two


Theme for this week is Measuring Health and Disease:

Lesson 1 Defining Health and Disease
Lesson 2 Using Available Information
Lesson 3 Morbidity and Disability


Epidemiology Week Three


Theme for this week is Epidemiological Studies:

Lesson 1 Observational Epidemiology
Lesson 2 Experimental Epidemiology
Lesson 3 Potential Errors in Epidemiological Studies


Epidemiology Week Four


Theme for this week is Basic Biostatistics Concepts:

Lesson 1 Displaying Statistical Information
Lesson 2 Summary Numbers
Lesson 3 Statistical Inference


Epidemiology Week Five


Subject for this week is Causation in Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 The Concept of Cause
Lesson 2 Establishing the Cause of a Disease


Public Health Week One


Theme for this week is International Public Health:

Lesson One: Introduction To International Public Health
Lesson Two: Health And Social Context
Lesson Three: Strategy for Health
Lesson Four: Effective Health Promotion
Lesson Five: Effective Disease And Injury Intervention


Public Health Week Two


Theme for this week is Cross-Cultural Skill:

Lesson One: Relevance Of Cultures
Lesson Two: Basic Cross-cultural Skills
Lesson Three: Healthcare Cross-cultural Skills
Lesson Four: International Cross-cultural Skills


Public Health Week Three


Theme for this week is Disaster Management:

Lesson One: Introduction to Disaster Management
Lesson Two: Overview of Disaster Management
Lesson Three: Disaster Mitigation
Lesson Four: Disaster Preparedness
Lesson Five: Disaster Response
Lesson Six: Disaster Recovery


Public Health Week Four


Theme for this week is International Health Leadership:

Lesson One: Introduction To International Health Leadership
Lesson Two: Strategy For Health
Lesson Three: Major International Health Initiatives
Lesson Four: Constructing A Health System
Lesson Five: Leading A Health System


Public Health Week Five


Subject for this week is Health Professions Education:

Lesson One: Skill Transfer and Empowerment
Lesson Two: Effective Learning
Lesson Three: Effective Teaching
Lesson Four: Feedback and Evaluation
Lesson Five: Instructional Design


Day One – Virtual-Classroom*


From Rescue to Resilience Discussion
Oral Rehydration Formulation Exercise
Disaster Management Skills Stations
Cross-Cultural Skills Session
International Public Health Exam Review
Community Health Survey Exercise
Launching Your International Healthcare Career Discussion
International Public Health Final Exam


A full syllabus will be sent to each participant prior to the start of the course.

*Virtual-Classroom Session schedule is subject to change