Course Directors

Comninellis-NicholasNicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH, DIMPH, is Dean and President of INMED and board certified in both public health and family medicine. Nicholas trained in tropical medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and served four years in Shanghai, China, and Angola, Africa. Today he teaches global health and public health at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.






larson-paulPaul Larson, MD, DTM&H is a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center faculty physician at Saint Margaret Family Medicine Residency in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Larson practiced for two years at Kapsowar Hospital in Kenya in association with the Africa Inland Church. Returning to the USA, he completed graduate studies in medical education and a fellowship in faculty development.






Flint-MicahMicah Flint, MPA, RN, DINPH, was INMED’s first CEO beginning in 2005, and is now the Chief Innovations Officer. Micah’s expertise is in disaster management, innovative entrepreneurship,  and program evaluation.  Micah is married to INMED graduate Jennifer Rathburn, a pediatric critical care physician.  They express their passion for international health service by volunteering at the Baptist Medical Centre along with their two daughters.





Scott Armistead, MD, MSEd, and his family lived in Pakistan from 2002-2016, providing medical care at Bach Christian Hospital. Prior to this he also served at Oasis Hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Today Dr. Armistead teaches family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and continues volunteer medical service and teaching in Africa and Asia.