Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health

Course Code: PCC – IPH 901




Promoting health in a low resource and/or cross-cultural setting presents special challenges, and requires particular skills. This comprehensive course enhances expertise in diseases of poverty, low-resource HIV medicine, maternal-newborn health, international public health, cross-cultural skills, disaster management, low-resource health leadership, and healthcare education. This Professional Certificate Course is an 8-week structured learning experience under guidance of INMED faculty. Academic credit earned is 10 credit hours. Sample the INMED learning experience with this 15-minute Free Demo Short Self-Paced Course.



Competency Objectives


At the completion of the INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health learners will be able to demonstrate using case-studies and simulation:



Time Frames


This Professional Certificate Course includes 8 weeks of structured learning and assignments due each Sunday night. Each week includes a required virtual class with the faculty for discussions, simulations, case studies and final exams. This weekly required virtual class may last up to 120 minutes.


Course Faculty


Nicholas Comninellis, MD. MPH, DIMPH




INMED highly recommends that the Professional Certificate Course in International Public Health be complemented with a supervised field experience in international public health. Both can be enrolled for simultaneously via the INMED Professional Diploma in International Public Health.