gordon_patricePrecisely What I Was Looking For


“I was looking for educational options geared to prepare me, as a Family Nurse Practitioner, to work in developing countries. The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health  covers a wide range of highly relevant topics. The on-line section provides a strong foundation and then all the learning coalesces during the in-classroom section. I am thoroughly impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of the faculty, as well as the compassion they weave into their teaching. The opportunity to meet in person a fine range of passionate colleagues was invaluable. INMED turned out to be precisely what I was looking for.”


Patrice Gordon MSN, NP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit


thomas_eileenLife Changing Experience!


“The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health was fantastic! All the speakers were knowledgeable, the topics were inspiring, and the atmosphere was very supportive. I am looking forward to my first international service trip and will be working with my church to get involved in a medical ministry. As a nurse educator, I will share my new knowledge with my public health and global health students. I encourage not only advanced practice nurses but all nurses with an interest in serving the forgotten poor to take this course. Thanks so much for a life-changing experience!”


Eileen Thomas, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, Community & Public Health Nursing
University of Colorado College of Nursing


hansen_rynaWish I Had Taken This Course Before Haiti


“I encourage anyone intent on international medical work to first take the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health. The information is indispensable! I had already worked for ten months in Haiti, feeling completely inadequate for Third World healthcare. I wish beyond a doubt that I had taken this course beforehand. I was impressed not only with the relevancy of information but also with the staff and organization as a whole. Humility, compassion, and a deep-hearted passion to help the poor is what drives INMED. After completing the Graduate Certificate Course I feel more prepared to address the previously intimidating health issues so common to resource-poor areas.”


Ryna Hansen, RN
Community Health & Pediatric Nursing
Snohomish, Washington


smith-maryGained Tools For Managing Tropical Diseases 


“I only wish I had attended an INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health fifteen years ago before I began working in underserved areas in Haiti, Mexico, and Kansas City. This course gave me the tools for managing different cultures and tropical diseases so prevalent in low-resource communities. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning on serving in a Third World country or in an underserved area at home. You will not only gain insight from the instructors but also from the rich dialogue among the participants. My sincere gratitude to INMED for their outstanding commitment to the lives of all those whom we serve.”


Mary Smith, RN, MSN
Nursing Professor
Johnson County Community College


wiebe-tinaBeing A Voice For The Voiceless 


“My first experience in Burkina Faso, West Africa, was overwhelming. I struggled with adapting to the culture and understanding how I could possibly be effective with so few resources. The INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health enormously illuminated my experience! In returning to Burkina Faso, I will be much more prepared after mastering the information and skills I attained. May the Lord bless INMED for being a voice for the voiceless and bringing hope to the forgotten. They inspire me to do more and I will continue to take advantage of all that INMED has to offer!”


Tina Wiebe, RN
Bridges of Hope
Burkina Faso, West Africa


amerson-roxanneHighly Recommended For Nursing Faculty 


“I highly recommend the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health for any nursing faculty who are planning to take nursing students to a lesser-developed country. I routinely teach family and community health, but the focus of this course really emphasizes the differences for community assessment and intervention between economically advantaged and less advantaged people. The added value of topics such as ethics of international work and cultural adaptation make this the total package for anyone considering working outside the US. Last, but not least, this experience gave me the opportunity to network with other nursing faculty who are currently taking students to Central America.”


Roxanne Amerson, PhD, RN, BC, CTN-A
Assistant Professor
Clemson University School of Nursing


atkinson_doloresWell Organized And Super Learner-Friendly


“As a nurse practitioner at Hastings Indian Hospital, I am keenly aware of the cultural and resource disparities that exist within our nation. I’m enthusiastic about improving this situation, and I was inspired to discover the other Graduate Certificate students and faculty share my convictions. Now I have a network of colleagues with the same passion as I do! The INMED presenters were experts in their fields, teaching not only from their head but their heart as well. This intensive training was well-organized and super student friendly. I really enjoyed the program.”


Dolores Atkinson MS, ARNP
Captain, United Stated Public Health Service-Indian Health Service
Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital



white-charlotteCertainly Nurse Practitioners Will Greatly Benefit 


“Dr. Comninellis and the INMED staff did a great job in putting this course together for us. As a result of these two weeks, I feel more prepared to take on the questions and treatment challenges that I will soon be facing in Tanzania. I have been sharing about the INMED Graduate Certificate in International Nursing & Public Health with other nurse practitioners who are interested in medical missions. I am hopefully they will chose to participate in the future. I am certain they will greatly benefit just as I have.”


Charlotte White, BSN, MN, ARNP, CNS
Clinical Nurse Practitioner
Arusha, Tanzania