Tuition for the Graduate Certificate Course in International Nursing and Public Health is $2,950 for Master’s degree credit. Tuition for non-Master’s degree learners is $1,475. Non-Master’s degree learners should register using coupon code NMPCC50. 


The cost of this course offered outside of the United States, including China, may be different to account for local taxes, local regulation compliance, and the added expense of faculty travel.




For course tuition comparison, please refer to the prices of similar courses offered by other institutions: West Virginia University Tropical Medicine Course ($5,700), University of Minnesota Global Health Course ($7,250), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine ($6,780).


Reference Text


Note: This book is recommended, but not required.

Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries
Author: Dennis Palmer, DO, and Catherine E. Wolf, MD
Publisher: Christian Medical & Dental Assocations
507 pages, spiral bound




Use of any discount coupon code must be applied at the time of initial purchase/registration, and partial refunds cannot be issued once a payment is processed. Discount coupon codes are regularly shared in INMED’s monthly News & Events message. Subscribe to News & Events.




Course Refund Policy
100% refund: 1st day – 3rd day*
75% refund: 4th day to the day before the course starts
50% refund: 1st week of course
30% refund: 2nd week of course
20% refund: 3rd week of course
10% refund: 4th week of course
No refund: following 4th week of course

* Day one = date enrollment agreement is signed or date on course registration receipt. “Day” refers to a business day and excludes weekends and holidays.


INMED reserves the right to cancel individual sessions or the entire course. In the event of a course cancellation, a full tuition refund will be made.




Punctuality: This is a professional level course. All assignments are expected to be submitted on time. Any learner who becomes more than two weeks behind in submitting any assignment is subject to dismissal from the course. If dismissal occurs, the learner will be granted one opportunity to re-enroll in an upcoming course at no additional tuition payment.


Refresher Discount


INMED’s courses are regularly revised with the most up-to-date, evidence-based information. For graduates of this course, we offer a 50% “Refresher Discount” for those alumni who wish to take the course again. In order to register at the 50% discounted rate, please contact [email protected] for instructions. We will verify your previous participation dates and passing grade.