I feel safer here in Tanzania, knowing that I have the extra skill set


“I have now completed both HBB and HMS with INMED.  Both were really positive experiences and complement each other. All the instructors were well trained professionals, and the course preparation and facilities made for ease of learning. Serving in Rwanda and Tanzania, I feel even more excited that I have more life-saving skills to share with my in-country colleagues, that we can better intervene and possibly save the lives of mothers and their infants in crisis. I highly recommend these courses for anybody who is contemplating global health partnerships, especially those in the fields of maternal and child health. Thank you INMED!”


Elizabeth Anne Jones, BSN, CPN
Pediatric Nurse Mentor
CHUK University Teaching Hospital
Ministry of Health of Rwanda


A refreshing and relevant break from the norm


The HMS Master Trainer course offered through INMED was a great experience where I learned invaluable skills that I will continue to use throughout my medical career. As a first-year medical student, a vast majority of my schooling was classroom-based. The opportunity to learn practical skills was a refreshing and relevant break from the norm. I now feel much more equipped to enter my clinical rotations with a strong foundation in basic obstetrical care. The course instructors were helpful, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. I am so grateful that I was given the learning opportunity and I look forward to using what I learned for years to come.


Kristopher Aten,
Medical Student and Rural Scholar
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine