The Professional Certificate Course in Helping Babies Breathe has two sections: online and in-classroom. The online section provides critical information about maternal health, newborn care, and management of common newborn diseases. The online section requires about five hours to complete. Following is the general schedule of the in-classroom section; a hands-on skills learning experience that includes role-playing, peer-to-peer training and practice throughout.


8:00      Registration/Networking

9:00      Dialogue – Causes of Neonatal Death; Introduction to HBB Program

9:30      Ventilation with Bag and Mask

10:00    Preparation for a Birth (emphasis on linkage among HBB learning materials)

 11:00    Routine Care (emphasis on learning with the neonatal simulator)

 12: 00  The Golden Minute® (clear airway and stimulate breathing)

12:00     Lunch

 :00       The Golden Minute (ventilation)

2:30      Continued Ventilation with Normal and Slow Heart Rate

3:00      Participant Evaluations – Mastering the Action Plan

4:00      Evaluation of Learner Knowledge and Performance (discussion in large group)

………………  and Implementation of HBB in resource limited setting

5:00      Conclusion


* In-Classroom Session schedule is subject to change
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