These Skills Are Truly Lifesaving


“I completed my INMED Service-Learning at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda, which has a very busy obstetric ward and NICU. During my time there, I was involved in multiple neonatal resuscitations. In those high adrenaline moments, I realized that a dying infant was lying in front of me, and that the HBB algorithm (that I learned at INMED) was easy to remember and fall back on. HBB tailors the application of the information to the limited resource setting. These skills are truly lifesaving. I recommend this course for anyone, regardless of your current level of training.”


Isaac Billings, DO
Senior Medical Student
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine


courtney-baldridge-rachel-jamesonWe Now Feel Fully Equipped


“During our pediatric residencies we did clinical rotations in West Africa, observed deliveries in that setting, and quickly realized how birth attendants were unaware of the power of positive-pressure ventilation. Many of those limp, lifeless babies could be easily transformed into healthy, screaming babies with just a few breaths.  After our Helping Babies Breathe training through INMED, we now feel fully equipped to return and educate birth attendants who have no formal medical training, and to do so in an organized manner that is relevant to low-resource settings. We cannot wait to bring our NeoNatalie teaching models back to Africa with us!”


Courtney Baldridge, MD and Rachel Jamison, MD

Pediatric Critical Care Specialists

Southwestern Medical Center


wilson-jenniferThe Best Approach I Have Encountered


“The INMED Professional Certificate Course in Helping Babies Breathe, with its emphasis on low-resource technology and training for health workers, is the best approach I have encountered to the specific problem of birth asphyxia in the developing world. INMED’s HBB Course thoroughly prepared me to train over 30 Ghanaian health workers. Their excitement was palpable as they realized the newborns that would be saved. Three months later they reported that over 20 babies were successfully resuscitated by these newly-trained health workers, AND they had trained 40 other colleagues!) As a physician who works in Northern Ghana, I am thrilled to see the impact of this training in rural communities there.”


Jennifer Wilson MD

Canadian College of Family Physicians

Oxbridge, Ontario


wouters-elise1Equips Both In Theory & Hands-On Practice


“During our International Public Health Diploma, my mother (a recertifying physical therapist) and I (an aspiring international public health student) completed the Helping Babies Breathe Workshop. We found it applicable to both our current professions and to our future goal of continuing to serve in developing countries. The INMED Professional Certificate Course in Helping Babies Breathe excellently equips persons both in theory and hands-on practice to be of real help in low-resource situations where higher medical care may not be available. Its simplicity, endorsement of basic methodology, and emphasis on passing on these skills and knowledge to those already serving in this capacity I especially love about this program.”


Elise Wouters, BA

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Augustine College


smith-maryHands-on & Effective


“Helping Babies Breathe is a hands-on and effective model to teach traditional birth attendants and health care professionals in developing countries. For three years I have taught this program to over 100 nursing students and 30 traditional birth attendants in Uganda, Africa. The interactive learning approach is fascinating to the learner. Many rural health centers and hospitals there lack the skill to resuscitate a newborn. Sharing this training has enhanced the survival for infants being born at Uganda’s Lacor and Kalongo Hospitals. The INMED Professional Certificate Course in Helping Babies Breathe skills will be a very worthwhile opportunity for you to learn and then implement in the developing world community you will be serving.”


Mary R. Smith RN, MSN

Professor of Nursing

Johnson County Community College


ashraf-hossainThe Whole Program Is Excellent


“The INMED Professional Certificate Course in Helping Babies Breathe is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in global health. The in-class skill stations provide a great experience, giving an opportunity to polish life-saving procedures and to meet like-minded people, many with impressive experience. The content of the whole program is also excellent; there is not only detailed information on neonatal resuscitation, but also useful insights about the cultural and societal aspects of maternal-child care. Overall, the course will undoubtedly be of benefit for anyone wishing to provide health care to the underserved. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in health.”


Hossain Ashraf, DO

Global Health Fellow

John Peter Smith Hospital


lane-robert3Enlightening & Fun


“The INMED Helping Babies Breathe Course was both enlightening and fun. Having practiced high tech medicine for thirty years, I discovered that I am little prepared to render the kind of care needed in the developing world. Having a heart is not enough without the understanding and knowledge to provide precisely what is appropriate. In HBB I was fascinated to learn the scope of newborn care issues and the challenge of managing low resources. It was fun to brush up on some skills I haven’t used since medical school and to be inspired by others who bring their passions and energies to learn and serve.”


Robert Lane, MD


Fox Island, Washington, USA


kubaki-timBeyond Excellent


“The INMED Helping Babies Breathe Course was BEYOND excellent. Please forward my compliments again to all involved. I found the course well organized, the instruction easy to follow, and full of essential information. A HUGE value! Here where I work in southern Africa so many children die shortly after birth for lack of even the most basic care. Now our midwives are sharing HBB skills with other midwives, and I just want to tell you that the impact of HBB is already multiplying. Your educational work is impacting so many people you will never meet. Thank you for your faithfulness to your calling.”


Tim Kubaki, DO

CEML Hospital

Angola, Africa


tobin-kobiGreat Potential Impact Of Low-Technology Care


“As a Neonatal ICU nurse, I care for some of the smallest and sickest infants. Through the use of high technology we have profound impact on their individual lives. It was eye opening to appreciate the great potential impact of low-technology care for millions of infants born world-wide in resource limited communities. Educating birth attendants about simple resuscitation in the precious minutes after birth has the potential to affect millions of infants worldwide. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take the INMED Professional Certificate in Helping Babies Breathe training into these communities, to educate those caring for newborns and give them the skills to save babies lives.”


Kobi Tobin, RN, BSN

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse


zambia-hbbNext We Teach HBB In Zambia & Vietnam


“We are applying our HBB knowledge gained from INMED. I am so glad that you offer this class! Teaching HBB in Zambia in association with Tiny People Matter really changed my life. My favorite experience was teaching outside under trees to village birth attendants. We also had opportunities to facilitate the course at hospitals, clinics and orphanages. Next up, our group of four nurses is going to Central Vietnam, Quang Tri Province via Global Community Service Foundation. We will be providing the booklets and flipcharts in Vietnamese, as well as the baby manikins for teaching. It is great that the learners will be practicing birth attendants who can benefit most from this training.”


Betsy Rogers, RN, BSN

Nurse Case Manager at Housing Forward

Maywood, Illinois