Building upon the lessons below, learners will also critique assigned articles, participate in discussion boards, compose a comprehensive essay on the subject “Effective Change Management,and participate in a comprehensive evidence-based change management simulation.



Week 1


Partnering to Meet Needs

Global Health Approaches

Health Care Systems and Training


Week 2


Reversing the Brain Drain

Improving Suitcase Medicine


Week 3


Training Health Workers


Week 4


Disaster Strikes

Outsiders Arrive


Week 5


Power to the People

Agendas We All Have,

Social Justice and Public Health


Week 6


Exotic Diseases and Social Injustice

Poverty and Empowerment


Week 7


Global Health Is Public Health

Building Clinics Or Confidence?

Doing Global Health Work to Really Make a Difference


Week 8


Final Exam and Essay Presentations