Healthcare Leadership and Management Course


Course Code: PCC – HLA 703


Course Description:


Global health systems are under unprecedented cost constraints and undergoing transformational change in the pursuit of value.  Leadership by professionals with skills in administration, communication, and clinical context are vital to a healthy future. This course will provide several frameworks for understanding and approaching change and introduce tools to maximize successful implementation for sustainable and evidence-based organizational change. Focused study will include reading, discussion, application exercises and professional reflective writing.


This is a comprehensive course built around the required textbooks “Switch: How to change things when change is hard,” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath (Broadway Book, New York, 2010), and “Prescription for the Future. The twelve transformational practices of highly effective medical organizations,” by Ezekiel J. Emanuel (Public Affairs, New York, 2017). Academic credit earned is 2 credit hours. Sample the INMED learning experience with this 15-minute Free Demo Short Self-Paced Course.


Competency Objectives


At the completion of the Healthcare Leadership and Management Course, learners will be able to demonstrate using case-studies, active discussion, and reflective writing:



Time Frames


This course includes 8 weeks of structured learning, assignments which are due each Sunday night, online meetings with course faculty, and a scheduled virtual-classroom final exam. Please view the Course Syllabus.




Paul Larson, MD, MBA

Fred Loper, MD


Healthcare systems are often evaluated via three parameters:

access (fast), quality (good) and cost (cheap).