Building upon the lessons below, learners will also critique assigned articles, participate in discussion boards, and complete assigned application exercises. All weekly assignments are due by Sunday at midnight.



Epidemiology Week One


Theme for this week is Introduction to Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 What Is Epidemiology
Lesson 2 Epidemiology and Public Health
Lesson 3 Achievements in Epidemiology


Epidemiology Week Two


Theme for this week is Measuring Health and Disease:

Lesson 1 Defining Health and Disease
Lesson 2 Using Available Information
Lesson 3 Morbidity and Disability


Epidemiology Week Three


Theme for this week is Epidemiology Studies:

Lesson 1 Observational Epidemiology
Lesson 2 Experimental Epidemiology
Lesson 3 Potential Errors in Epidemiological Studies


Epidemiology Week Four


Theme for this week is Basic Biostatistics Concepts:

Lesson 1 Displaying Statistical Information
Lesson 2 Summary Numbers
Lesson 3 Statistical Inference


Epidemiology Week Five


Subject for this week is Causation in Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 The Concept of Cause
Lesson 2 Establishing the Cause of a Disease


Epidemiology Week Six


Subject for this week is Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases:

Lesson 1 Scope of Prevention
Lesson 2 Levels of Prevention
Lesson 3 Screening for Disease


Epidemiology Week Seven


Subject for this week is Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases

Lesson 1 Burden of Communicable Diseases
Lesson 2 Chain of Infection
Lesson 3 Investigation and Control of Epidemics


Epidemiology Week Eight


Subject for this week is Clinical Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 Normality and Abnormality
Lesson 2 Effectiveness of Treatment


Epidemiology Week Nine


Subject for this week is Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology:

Lesson 1 Environment and Health
Lesson 2 Exposure and Dose
Lesson 3 Assessing Risk


Epidemiology Week Ten


Subject for this week is Health Policy and Planning:

Lesson 1 Health Policy in Practice
Lesson 2 Health Planning Cycle


* A detailed syllabus will be sent to each participant prior to the start of the course.