Building upon the lessons below, learners will also critique assigned articles, participate in discussion boards, compose a comprehensive essay on the subject “How shall my nation better prepare against pandemic threats?” and participate in a comprehensive emergency pandemic control simulation.



Week 1: The Power of Seven and Lessons from the Bush


Lessons learned from Spanish flu, AIDS, Ebola, SARS, and Zika

Dangers posed by fear, denial, complacency, and self-interest


Week 2:  Lessons from the Barn and The Triple Threat


Threats posed by the global animal food industry

Perennial influenza and mad cow: the first man-made epidemic

Bioterrorism, bio-error, and unethical science


Week 3: The Costs of Complacency


Ricochet effect: scattered risks and amplified costs

Aversion behavior and epidemic cascade

The hit to education


Week 4: Lead Like the House Is on Fire


DA Henderson and the end of smallpox

Pivotal leadership against AIDS, SARS, and Ebola


Week 5: Resilient Systems and Global Security


Nigeria’s response to Ebola

Ethiopia’s fight against aids

Governmental, NGO, and faith-based health leadership


Week 6: Active Prevention and Constant Readiness


Preventing mosquito-borne diseases

Vaccines: our most powerful protection

Early detection, rapid response, and protecting primary healthcare


Week 7: Fatal Fictions and Timely Truths


The psychology of fear and distrust

The leadership-during-crisis tight rope

How mainstream media can help

Analysis and response to vaccine skepticism


Week 8: Disruptive Innovation and Collaborative Transformation


The proud history of innovation

Vaccines, mosquito control, rapid tests, early warning systems

Collaboration for critical innovations


Week 9: Invest Wisely and Save Lives


How “recency bias” trips us up

The political case for action

The business case for investments


Week 10: Ring the Alarm and Rouse the Leaders


Fighting ignorance at the top

AIDS denialism and the battle for HIV treatment

From local campaigns to a global movement to end epidemics