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INMED offers state-of-the-art healthcare courses that supply formative information to guide effective healthcare in low-resource and cross-cultural settings.


Free Demo Online Course


This online course is an opportunity to quickly test-drive the features that characterize all INMED Professional Certificate Courses and Elective Courses, and requires only about 15 minutes.


Professional Certificate Courses


INMED Professional Certificate Courses are high-level learning experiences guided by supervising faculty. Each course offering has a schedule detailed in the Academic Calendar, and is accredited for continuing medical education (CME). Some courses are entirely online, while other courses include hand-on skill stations and in-person networking with like-minded colleagues. INMED Professional Certificate Courses are required for both INMED Professional Diplomas and for the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health


Short Self-Paced Courses


INMED offers a series of short, self-paced online courses in the core subjects of international health. These CME-accredited courses make avid use of interactive questions and short videos. Included is a pre-test, post-test, evaluation, and certificate of completion. Short Self-Paced Courses are completed entirely online and each requires between 3 and 10 hours to complete. Participants enjoy course access for one year.