Elective Courses

INMED offers a growing series of short, online, self-paced courses in the core subjects of international health. Participants may complete these courses over a period of up to 180 days. Some courses are accredited for CME and Nursing Contact Hours. Requesting an extension of the course (over the 180 days) requires re-payment. Many related questions are addressed in Course FAQs


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This brief course is an opportunity to test-drive the features that characterize all INMED Elective and Hybrid Courses. It focuses on international public health, and makes use of interactive questions and short videos. Included is a pre-test, post-test, evaluation, and certificate of completion. The INMED Free Demo Online Course requires up to one hour to experience.


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A plethora of diseases are associated with poverty. This course is designed to equip clinicians to prevent, diagnose and treat those poverty-linked diseases that are most prevalent around the world and also unfamiliar to most healthcare professionals. Included are infectious, chronic and non-infectious diseases. This course requires about ten hours to complete, and is accredited for ten hours of both CME and CE.

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Many developing nations and low-income communities possess both large numbers of HIV-positive citizens and very limited resources with which to respond. HIV management in such settings demands a unique skill set. This course prepares healthcare professionals to lead effective low-resource HIV prevention and intervention. Included is content addressing prevention of mother-to-child transmission, management of pediatric HIV infection, and treatment of opportunistic infections. This course requires about six hours to complete, and is accredited for six hours of both CME and CE.

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Pregnant women and newborns are especially vulnerable to illness and death, and improvements in health services hold great potential to protect them. This course addresses the unique and especially critical issues of maternal-newborn healthcare, including nutrition, prenatal care, obstetrical complications, newborn resuscitation, well-newborn care, and common neonatal diseases. Also highlighted are the important subjects of women’s rights, education, economic stability, and protection from exploitation. This course requires about five hours to complete.


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International public health is the field devoted to the health improvement of all people – especially those who live on society’s margins. This INMED course is built around the Human Development Index, and emphasizes how health is increased through promotion of literacy and general education, economic development and civil stability, reduction of leading health risk factors, and interventions against leading causes of death and disability. This learning experience requires about five hours to complete, and is accredited for five hours of both CME and CE. Click here for CE information


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Since World War II the globe has experienced an explosion in international trade, immigration and communication. Today’s relationships frequently rely for success upon the ability to engage people of diverse race, tradition, values, worldview, and language. This course addresses the relevance and principles of cross-cultural skills, and their application to health care and international settings. This course requires about three hours to complete, and is accredited for three hours of both CME and CE.

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Natural disasters, workplace violence, terrorism, war, technological failure, and/or economic depression are all among today’s disaster threats. Annually, disasters are the cause for substantial loss of life, quality of life, assets, and productivity. In the last 20 years over 4.4 billion people have been affected by a disaster event(s) and over 1.3 million killed world-wide. Although disasters do not discriminate; they do effect people and communities differently. The world’s most vulnerable typically have less disaster events; but see higher rates of morbidity and mortality from disasters. This course provides an overview for front-line workers to assist in reducing vulnerability in communities and responding to disaster threats. This course requires about five hours to complete, and is accredited for five hours of both CME and CE. Click here for CE information.


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Health and healthcare are both especially strained in the world’s lowest-income communities. In the face of ever-tightening resources, wise leadership is crucial. Yet few healthcare professionals are well equipped to be leaders. This course describes well-founded health strategies, draws from the experience of major global health initiatives, and outlines the leadership cycle essential to applying effective health leadership in specific settings. This course requires about three hours to complete
, and is accredited for three hours of both CME and CE.


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Progress in health requires skilled personnel who can apply the appropriate knowledge and resources on behalf of people in need. But intentional transfer of such skill from one healthcare professional to another is frequently inadequate. This Healthcare Education content will equip learners with concepts and methods of effective learning and teaching to improve their ability to equip others to carry forward progress in health. This course requires about five hours to complete.

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Quality medical care in low-resource settings is often hampered by lack of objective clinical information. Ultrasound has proven to be a particularly useful technology in such settings, providing vital data to support patient care decision-making. This content provides the didactic preparation for imaging of thyroid, venous and DVT screening, vascular and carotid, abdominal and renal, cardiac and thoracic. This course in ideally followed by a hands-on ultrasound learning experience. This course requires about five hours to complete.


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