CME Mission Statement

The Institute for International Medicine’s (INMED) CME program’s mission is to be an innovative medium, advocate for, and a provider of medical education that promotes evidence-based change, professional development, and patient outcome improvement.


Purpose: The INMED CME program’s purpose is to offer quality, evidence-based educational opportunities that are developed to promote physician competence, professional development in leadership, cross-cultural skills and bioethics, and strive to improve patient outcomes in the populations served by the health care providers whom we educate.


Content Areas: INMED’s CME program content will include: clinical medicine and basic science research, reviews of current or best practice recommendations for clinical care, procedural skills development and exercises, cross-cultural skills development, as well as professional development in bioethics, and health care leadership.


Target Audience: INMED’s CME program seeks to serve the education needs of physicians, medical students, medical residents and other healthcare professionals (allied health personnel, physician extenders, basic scientists, and researchers) with a focus on local and state health care colleagues.


Types of Activities and Services Provided: As a CME provider at a non-profit educational organization, our education activities include live courses, live online courses, and live events that will include seminars, symposiums, reoccurring courses, and conferences. In addition to live educational activities, INMED will provide online enduring materials. The educational design, instructional method, and learning format for each event is chosen to best serve the educational needs and learning objectives of the planned educational activity.


Expected Results: INMED’s CME program expects that those learners receiving our educational services will report competence and the effective use of targeted skills obtained from our CME educational program.