Educational Components

INMED International Medicine Fellows achieve the competency objective through the follow activities.


1) Service-Learning


Fellows will complete a minimum of twelve months of service-learning at their appointed INMED International Medicine Training Site, where they are supervised by experienced INMED Faculty. Responsibilities vary from site to site, and may include inpatient care, outpatient clinic, procedures, obstetrics, night duty, and participation in research, public health, and primary care activities.


2) Education Activities


Fellows will participate at least monthly in an educational activity at their Training Site designed to enhance the skills of the staff. INMED Faculty will advise in selecting the topics and content of these educational activities.


3) Scholarly Project


Fellows will select and proceed with a scholarly project relevant to their career interests. INMED faculty will assist Fellows with appropriate support in this pursuit. Scholarly projects may include original research suitable for publication, a quality improvement project, or composing a literature review.