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I Heartily Commend All INMED Stands For


“INMED is endeavoring to bring the plight of the world’s forgotten billions to the attention of healthcare professionals. In the process of casting this vision and enthusiasm for service, INMED is also ensuring that the skills necessary to make a difference are acquired and that the attitudes of the heart are examined so that outcomes are of lasting value – both on the part of those who serve and on those who receive. I heartily commend all INMED stands for. I also am honored since 2004 to mentor INMED students in the challenging, front lines of care here in Angola, southern Africa.”


Steve Foster, MD
Medical Director, CEML Hospital
Angola, Africa


Thanks To INMED For Their Vision And Expertise


“Since 2004 we have enjoyed having students and resident physicians from INMED come and work with us at Baptist Medical Center. We have never been disappointed in the performance or attitudes of those who have come our way. It is encouraging to see the quality of these young people and their interest in international medicine. Thanks to INMED for their vision and expertise – for helping to prepare future generations of international medical volunteers. BMC and INMED will continue to work together to provide opportunities for medical and cultural growth in young medical personnel.”


George Faile, MD
Medical Director
Baptist Medical Center, Northern Region, Ghana


Greatly Value Our Association With INMED


“We greatly value our association with INMED. Since 2006 we have been receiving INMED medical students and volunteers to study and work with us in Cameroon. INMED is efficient and conscientious in their communication and follow with of their volunteers. The training courses, conferences and books offered through INMED are excellent preparation for service in developing countries. We are also pleased to partner with INMED to develop the INMED International Medicine Fellow.”


Dennis Palmer, DO, FACP
Program Director, Christian Internal Medicine Specialization Residency
Banso Baptist Hospital, Cameroon
Co-author, Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries


Leading Educational Organization In International Medicine


“INMED’s focus of international medicine not only reflects the growing trend of globalization in the medical field, but also create many opportunities for medical professionals to reach out and care the people around the world. Witnessing INMED’s fast development and strong leadership, we are very convinced that INMED is on its way to become the leading educational organization in international medicine.”


John Zhang, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Liaoning International General Health Trainers (LIGHT), China


Commitment To Teaching Global Health And Cross-Cultural Ministry


“The Institute for International Medicine has demonstrated excellence as an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the development of medical missions around the world. I have been impressed with INMED’s commitment to teaching global health and cross-cultural ministry, reflected in the quality of conferences sponsored and the medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals who they send to all corners of the world. By combining learning with service, participants gain not only tools to effectively address the health challenges of resource-poor settings but a unique perspective of communities living in poverty. I would highly recommend INMED for anyone interested in exploring such opportunities.”


Cameron R. Gongwer, MD, DTMH
Medical Consultant
Ankaase Methodist Hospital, Ghana


besley-charlieI Admire INMED’s Efforts To Serve Unreached Groups of People


“I am delighted to write a letter in support of the great work that INMED is doing. Here at AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, we have enjoyed the contributions of many INMED students. Equipping healthcare professionals to serve the forgotten is a great mission, and I admire INMED’s efforts serve unreached groups of people in our ‘global village.’ A venture out of one’s comfort zone can be shocking, and we greatly appreciate the way INMED prepares their students and assists those stepping out, not just ‘medically’ but ‘personally’ too! May God continue to richly bless your work, as we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”


Dr Charlie Besley, BM, MRCGP (UK)
Medical Director, Kijabe Hospital
Africa Inland Church, Kenya


nelson-scottRevolutionizing The Priorities of Young Healthcare Professionals


“CURE International is privileged to partner with INMED to provide meaningful training, service opportunities, and life changing experiences for top quality healthcare students who are interested in international medical service. INMED’s commitment to excellence speaks for itself and has enabled an ongoing synergistic relationship between CURE International, the students who participate in this program, and the extraordinarily needy people whom we serve. The inspiration created by our partnership will multiply immeasurably for years into the future, and result in careers dedicated to the poor, and in children walking and playing who would never have before.”


Scott Nelson, MD

Medical Director, CURE International of the Dominican Republic

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Loma Linda University School of Medicine


armistead-scottINMED Expanding The Horizons Of Medical Trainees


“I am excited about INMED’s role in expanding the horizons of medical trainees in the US by making them more aware of the multitude of needs around the world. Many lives are touched by mission health-care facilities in developing countries, and INMED’s goal of giving interested students and residents an opportunity to both see and serve in these facilities is a much needed and noble one, a goal which I pray will change the course of many lives.”


Scott Armistead, MD
TEAM – The Evangelical Alliance Mission
Bach Christian Hospital, Pakistan


paulo-oscarEmbody The Best Practices Of Humanitarian Service


“I have so much to say about INMED, not only from the first INMED Conference I attended, but also from knowing INMED’s ongoing service to my home country of Angola, to China, and around the globe. Rather than parking in the so-called comfort zone of western civilization, INMED personnel come to us, encourage and empower us, and embody the best practices of the modern missions and humanitarian service movements. Such greatness can’t be from any other source than from God Himself. Please keep working on behalf of the sick, the illiterate, those who are alone, and feel without hope.”


Oscar Paulo, MD
CEML Hospital

Angola, Africa