Civic Endorsements

Found INMED To Be Consistent, Dedicated And Trustworthy


“The urgency of healthcare among the poorest of the poor close is to my heart. Such service requires a unique skill set, as I experienced for myself while serving in Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Armenia. INMED is a proven leader in training healthcare professionals to make the most of their good intentions. Such preparation would have helped me avoid learning many important lessons that hard way. INMED is also pioneering avenues to assist communities in becoming self-sufficient and to maximize use of limited resources. I have found INMED to be consistent, dedicated and trustworthy in these pursuits.”


Jeff Colyer, MD, MPH
Lieutenant Governor of Kansas
White House Fellow, United States Agency for International Development
Physician and Consultant, International Medical Cedical Corps


Partner With The Best


“After attending and helping to sponsor the annual INMED conference, Graceway chose to partner with INMED in this strategic bridge-building outreach. Their professional and practical experience is obvious both in the quality of their conferences and their mobilization on the field. I would encourage all to partner with the best and support INMED as they help serve needs worldwide. We at Graceway look forward to growing our partnership. The outcome of working together with INMED will be communities experiencing compassion and assist in sustainable progress. But it all starts with choosing to partner with the best.”


Jay Grimwood
Executive Pastor
Graceway Church


Casting A Vision For Continued Selfless Service


“INMED is a leading partner in calling health care workers to use our time and talents for the most noble purposes. By informing us of worldwide health disparities, offering cross-cultural skills training, providing meaningful clinical opportunities around the world, and casting a vision for continued selfless service INMED is mentoring the next generation of healthcare heroes. Just watch for the frequency with which this fine organization is mentioned! It is a pleasure to participate in the INMED Exploring Medical Missions Conference, and to recommend their exemplary programs to the medical students and resident physicians under my own guidance.”


Rick Donlon, MD
Co-founder, Christ Community Health Services


Personally Recommended INMED To My Colleagues


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for the Institute for International Medicine. In the two years I have worked directly with INMED, and I have come to see first hand the level of commitment and dedication that the INMED staff have for ‘equipping healthcare professionals to serve the forgotten.’ INMED has created invaluable resources for communities and health providers with an interest in multi-cultural populations and international medicine. The quality of their conferences and certification and training programs are of such a high standard that I have personally recommended them to my colleagues.”


Lieutenant Commander Tracy Branch
Regional Minority Health Consultant
Department of Health and Human Services


World-Class Organization


“I have watched INMED grow up into the world-class organization that it is today, and I really congratulate Dr. Nicholas Comninellis and his excellent staff for an outstanding ministry and outstanding programs. The most visible INMED Conferences are just a small piece of a great pie of impact they are making around the world today. With a presence of over twenty nations, INMED learners benefit from not just a wealth of opportunities, but also a wealth of high quality role models and mentors – many of whom are my personal friends and colleagues.”


Gary Morsch, MD, MPH
President & Founder
Heart To Heart International


dodd-jimmy-2013aAt The Forefront Of International Medicine 


“I wholeheartedly endorse INMED. The urgency of healthcare is close to my heart as I serve through the ministries of Cross International and the global Orphan Project. Dr. Nicholas Comninellis and the INMED team are at the forefront of international medicine, upholding the value of human life through compassionate care to the most disadvantaged communities. The importance of training students for such service cannot be overstated. Young people, as well as those more mature, must move the love of God from our heads, to our hearts, to our hands! It is my hope and prayer that many will get behind INMED and support this worthy ministry.”


Jimmy Dodd, MDiv
Founder & Executive Director, PastorServe
Founding Board Member, Cross International


adams-mattWhere Medical Missions Is Headed 


“INMED already strides ahead of where medical missions is headed in the next century. They act aggressively on behalf of the poor by mobilizing people to bring hope and physical healing to broken individuals, families, cities, and nations. INMED’s approach is professional yet humble, practical yet philosophically and theologically sound, holistic yet focused. Their message of hope is embodied and verified by their servanthood. Their lives and actions speak loudly, and we would all do well to observe their behavior and appreciate the values that they communicate.”


Matt Adams
Young Life of Starnberg, Germany


herrera-karenPrivileged Partners With INMED 


“CompassionLink, the medical outreach of the Assemblies of God World Missions, has partnered with INMED to promote education in international health, and sponsor the Humanitarian Health Conference. When an inquiry is received from a medical student or medical professional who is looking for an extended opportunity to develop skills in international medicine, it is a privilege to connect him/her with INMED. Networking together we can make a difference in international medical missions that impacts people around the world.”


Karen Herrera RN, MSN
Field Ministries Area Leader
CompassionLink, Assemblies of God World Missions


wood-michael Emphasis On Continuity 


“I very much applaud INMED’s emphasis on continuity of healthcare. Over the years medical missions have taken some criticism for the episodic nature of their interventions, frequently leaving little impact beyond the care for the individual patient treated – however moving and necessary it was. INMED has built an excellent reputation through supporting continued care in truly needy community, bolstered by your strong interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity. I look forward to following INMED’s participation in healthcare delivery systems, public health interventions, medical education, and community development efforts, as you proceed towards creating INMED 2.0”


Michael B. Wood
Peace Corps Area Director, Eastern Asia, Retired


Drawing Us Into The Service Of Humanity


“INMED is best known for the Humanitarian Health Conferences. These are packed with enthusiastic students and healthcare professionals of all types, linked together by their desire to serve the most impoverished people in the world. But INMED’s unique and greatest contribution is in providing practical experience, training and skills essential to serving in these settings. The mentors and role models at INMED’s Training Sites are unsurpassed. The additional networking, information, and ongoing education INMED provides is truly transforming the face of medicine, bringing us back to the simple compassion and fascination that first drew us into the service of humanity.”


Lani Ackerman, MD
Founder & President, Health Environmental and Learning Program (HELP)