Academic Endorsements

INMED is a Complete Package


“Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) has utilized INMED for a number of years. They are a pleasure to work with, detail oriented, consistent, screen all international health care training sites and associated preceptors, have established expectations for all participants, and are always available to help answer any questions. INMED is a complete package for international medicine education. We are very comfortable working with INMED as well as supporting student participation with this organization. We use INMED as our exclusive provider of Global Experiences as a result.”


Kent A. Campbell, DO
Associate Dean – Clinical Affairs
Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine


A Five Star Program!


“INMED is one of 12 academic affiliated training centers for humanitarian health in North America, and the only one west of the Mississippi. I had the honor to review INMED’s program of instruction first hand. It is an outstanding program and the only one that mixes on-line instruction with face-to-face group exercises and case studies. INMED’s program has many strengths but the greatest is the maturity, integrity, compassion and strong field experience of the INMED teaching and administrative staff. They are excellent role models! As demand rises for humanitarian action, both domestically and globally, INMED will be highly sought after. This is a Five Star Program!”


Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM
Professor, Senior Fellow & Scientist
Harvard University Humanitarian Initiative


steffes-bruceINMED Strongly Recommended 


“With the need for medical professionals in the developing world so huge, there is great urgency that organizations raise awareness, recruit, train, and provide resources for those who are willing to volunteer their skills. INMED does all this as well as any with which I am familiar. I strongly recommend the INMED and its programs, and I’ve enjoyed working with their graduates and speaking at INMED events. The world is better off because of them.”


Bruce Steffes, MD
CEO, Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons
Co-author of Handbook for Short-Term Medical Missionaries


hinthorn-danielProud To Be Associated With INMED


“The Kansas University Medical Center and myself are proud to be associated with such fine programs as are offered by INMED. The CME accredited INMED Conferences are high quality and designed for medical students, nurses, physicians, residents – the whole gamut. The speakers are outstanding. Anyone who wants to do short, intermediate or long-term overseas work for any reason would profit from attending and from the associations with other attendees. I have also participated in INMED’s Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, Nursing & Public Health Courses and found them to be great.”


Daniel Hinthorn, MD
Chief of Infectious Diseases
Kansas University Medical Center
Board of Scientific Counselors, CDC Office for Infectious Diseases


Cultivating A Foundation In Health Leadership


“INMED learning tools provide a comprehensive introduction for any health professional who is entering international service. Their emphasis on the socioeconomic and political influences on world health provides an important insight into the challenges involved. Their review of diseases of poverty is essential, given that these are frequently outside of our experience. Their curriculum on cross-cultural skills is a sensitive and realistic approach to the challenges of cultural adaptation. Most importantly, INMED cultivates a foundation in health leadership so very necessary to implementing effective improvements for people who exist on the fringes of health care.”


Anne Sly, MD
Associate Program Director
Research Family Medicine Residency
Formerly of Cornell University’s Thailand medical relief project


Assisting Nursing Faculty In Global Health Education


“INMED supplies outstanding resources for all students in the healthcare professions, as well as for seasoned providers who desire to serve in medical missions. These resources will also assist nursing faculty to more easily and completely integrate global health content into their curriculum. INMED even offers supervised field experience for nursing students and for nurses entering the international health arena. From my own experience in nursing education and international service, INMED’s courses and international clinical opportunities are unsurpassed.”


Regina Fields, RN, MSN, CNS
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Research College of Nursing


Curriculum Building, Service Learning And INMED


“The INMED educational programs offered year round are wonderful paths to personal and professional growth for both the novice as well as the experienced practitioner interested in global healthcare. The INMED Conferences are offered at a safe and convenient location at a very affordable price. I have been so impressed with INMED work that I use Dr. Comninellis’ book as our primary text for the Global Health and Healthcare Practice course I teach at William Jewell College, and require students to attend the INMED Conference to fulfill the course requirements. Thank you INMED for your commitment to excellence in global health education.”


Nancy Crigger, PhD, APRN, BC
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
Graceland University


mani-maniINMED Trained Healthcare Professionals Can Effectively Respond 


“INMED is rightly well known for their Conferences and for their Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, International Nursing, and International Public Health. These are extremely useful programs to designed prepare students and professionals from the various healthcare disciplines for unique challenges of caring for those most underprivileged using locally available talent, equipment, and facilities. To this end, INMED enjoys relationships with remarkable healthcare institutions around the globe. INMED demonstrates respect for other traditions, cultures, and faiths throughout its proactive programs. When the need arises and the call comes, INMED trained healthcare professionals can effectively respond.”


Mani M Mani, MD
Emeritus Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Kansas Medical Center


jonas-harryINMED’s Distinguished Accomplishments 

“I am so proud of INMED’s distinguished accomplishments, both from the standpoint of improving global health, and also for your significant contributions in international health education via the courses, events and clinical rotations offered by the Institute for International Medicine. I am particularly touched to have been one of those who encouraged Dr. Comninellis to pursue training in tropical medicine when he was a medical student. Those formative experiences have proven so very powerful in his personal life, and are now being multiplied through the lives and examples of many, many others.”


Harry Jonas, MD
Assistant Vice President, American Medical Association
Former Dean, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine


li-james-kenyaUnequalled Mentored Clinical Experiences Overseas 


“If you want to serve the disadvantaged in a developing country, nothing substitutes for a community hospital setting. The skill set and humility required are far different from the American norm. Because of this, the importance of excellent teachers cannot be overstated. INMED has meticulously chosen sites that provide outstanding experiences, not just based on my own assessment, but on the direct feedback of students. INMED is hands-on, robust, and intense in the realities of global health and poverty. For a clinical rotation abroad, this is the organization that does it best.”


James Li, MD
Director, Remote Medical Service Field Course, Harvard School of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine