2017 Humanitarian Health Conference



2017 Humanitarian Health Conference






Conference Theme: “Holistic Partnership with the Forgotten”


The forgotten of this world have names. They are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and children. They come from poverty, conflict, or a complexity of multiple crises. They live off a few dollars a day, or less, in villages around the world and in the neighborhoods we all call home. They are far more than a simple label; they are people. How do we successfully assist the forgotten of this world? Through effective training and holistic partnerships that bring hope and sustainability, with the comfort of a human touch.


The 2017 Humanitarian Health Conference (formerly EMMC) is a forum to equip health care professionals, students, and non-clinical personnel to holistically partner with the forgotten of this world. This conference will bring together leading experts in the field, offer hands-on learning opportunities (including simulation), provide excellent networking settings, and equip you to take the next step in holistically partnering with the forgotten.



2017 Humanitarian Health Conference (March 24 – 25) Promo from Institute for Internatl Medicine on Vimeo.